Thailand Scrapping Two-Week COVID-19 Quarantine for Vaccinated Tourists?

The Thai government is considering scrapping their two-week COVID-19 quarantine procedure for tourists that are already vaccinated. During a time of bad news and negative stories, it would appear there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon.


The Bangkok Post has been reporting this story and it is attracting quite a lot of attention from the local media. And especially those in the Thailand tourism industry. So, what does the potential COVID-19 quarantine scrapping mean for tourism?

Thailand COVID-19 Quarantine being Waivered?

The Thai government is considering wavering the COVID-19 quarantine processes for foreign tourists who are already vaccinated

Thailand Scrapping COVID-19 Quarantine?

The Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha talked about the potential scrapping of the current COVID-19 quarantine procedures for tourists who have proven vaccinations. The Prime Minister talked about these issues on Tuesday and how they are looking for ways to kick-start tourism in the wake of the pandemic.


The PM went as far as to say that Thailand might waiver the two-week process for foreign visitors. For those who can prove they have had a COVID-19 vaccination. It’s great news for those in the tourist industry who have just been through 12 months of absolute hell. It’s been difficult watching their businesses collapse as the world capitulated in the wake of the pandemic.

Thailand COVID-19 Quarantine Coulf be Halted

The Thailand COVID-19 quarantine process could be halted soon to allow foreign tourists in

Is Scrapping COVID-19 Quarantine a Good Thing?

The news about the potential wavering of Thailand’s COVID-19 quarantine process was met with happiness from many quarters. It’s time to get tourism and the economy back on track. You can’t save ‘life’ by banning ‘life’.


Economist at the Bangkok Kasikorn Research Centre, Nattaporn Trirantanasirikul, was very positive about the news, He told the Bangkok Post:


“If this goes ahead as planned, it will be a big boost to tourism and economy. There is still a very high uncertainty on the economic outlook this year, pending all the issues related to the outbreak from local infections, vaccine rollouts, and border reopening plan.”


Moving Forward Post COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s important that we now move forward and start getting business back to something resembling normal. Or at least attempting to. The loosening of COVID-19 quarantine restrictions in Thailand would be a great start.


We reported yesterday that 41 golf quarantine tourists from South Korea had already entered Thailand and were currently doing their 5-day quarantine. This is in a bid to restart the Thailand golf holiday sector, which was previously one of the shining lights of the tourism industry.


Is ditching the two-week COVID-19 quarantine for tourists with proven vaccinations a good thing? We think so. And the sooner we can get back to normal, the better for everyone. 12 months is long enough and was an unprecedented move by world governments that could come back to bite them in the future.