First ‘Thailand Quarantine Golf’ Tourists Welcomed from South Korea


The first-ever Thailand Quarantine Golf tourists arrived in the Kingdom on Monday as part of a new incentive to start driving limited tourism post-COVID. It’s been a difficult time for Thailand, which is largely driven by foreign tourists, so this is great news for getting ‘back to normal’.


The 41 golfers that are part of the program are from South Korea, said government officials on Monday. It will be interesting to see how this Thailand Quarantine Golf program plays out over the next month or so.

Thailand Quarantine Golf Tours

The Thailand Quarantine Golf tour concept is a great idea to boost tourism

Thailand Quarantine Golf Tourists

This new Thailand Quarantine Golf program is perhaps a way to get tourists back into Thailand as soon as possible. The 41 South Koreans arrived last Thursday and were immediately whisked off to serve a quarantine at the Artitaya Golf Club at Nakhon Nayok. The golfers will be confined to their rooms at the golf club for five days. After which they will be allowed to play golf if they test negative for COVID-19. After the five days of quarantine, the golfers will be allowed to use the golf club’s facilities.


The Thailand golf holiday sector was previously one of the crown jewels of the Kingdom’s tourism sector. Thailand is a major hub for golf holidays and golf courses in Asia. There are over 25 golf courses within a 30-minute drive of the tourism town of Pattaya. The new quarantine rules will allow more foreign golfers to enjoy a Thailand golf holiday.

Thailand Quarantine Golf Holiday Concept

This unique golf tour idea is being monitored by the Thai government

Is a Thailand Quarantine Golf Tourism Program a Good Idea?

The new incentive from the government will no doubt upset the weak-backs and their constant need to total lock downs. So, is the Thailand Quarantine Golf tourism idea a good thing? Of course, it is. And anyone thinking otherwise should go and shack up with George Orwell back in 1984.


You simply can’t protect ‘life’ by locking down ‘life’. The survival rate for the virus is hovering around 99.95% globally. There is no evidence globally that lockdowns improve anything. In fact, they have dramatic effects on the well-being of humans, both physically and mentally.

Will Thailand see Foreign Tourists in 2021?

When discussing the Thailand Quarantine Golf program on Monday, the pandemic center spokesperson, Apisamai Srirangsen said that the government was open to suggestions from other sectors.


“Business owners can suggest other quarantine ideas, and even arrange for food delivery and selling items in the quarantine area,” said Srirangsen. “With this system, the economy can develop while following safety measures.”


It would seem that the Thai government is more open to ideas than the draconian measures being taken in the UK. Thailand is looking for ways to get tourists back in the Kingdom, but at the moment, we are at the whims of other nations and their regulations on travel. However, this Thailand golf quarantine idea is definitely a move in the right direction.

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