Everyone Will Have Access to Thailand COVID-19 Vaccination


A government spokesperson said this week that everyone will have access to the Thailand COVID-19 vaccination Foreign ex-pats, migrant workers, and Thais alike. It’s great news for those who have been worried to their wits about the pandemic.


As the Western world fights over vaccine orders, Thailand sits in a very comfortable position in this regard. The government has been working hard to source Thailand COVID-19 vaccination options as the well-being of their people is always at the top of their list.

Thailand COVID-19 Vaccinationis Here

There are now many Thailand COVID-19 vaccination options available

Thailand COVID-19 Vaccination for Everyone

The Bangkok Post reported the story over the past day or two. Dr. Apisamai Srirangson, who is some kind of assistant spokeswoman for the Centre of COVID-19 Situation Administration gave the government and public some reassurance on Thursday when saying that no one will be left behind in regards to accessibility of the Thailand COVID-19 vaccination.


She reckons that everyone will have access to the vaccine whether you are a Thai, a foreign ex-pat, or a migrant worker. We must improve the survival rate from the current precarious stat of 99.97% survival. The obvious answer is to vaccinate everyone. Pharmaceutical companies are dancing around the campfire in preparation for a massive year in terms of profit margins.


What Did She Say About Thailand COIVD-19 Vaccination?

Dr. Apisamai Srirangson had some words of encouragement this week in regards to us accessing the Thailand COVID-19 vaccination. She told the assembly that no one would be left behind by saying, “Vaccinations will include expatriates and migrant workers. The government intends to offer equal protection.”


The Doctor also went on to say that private hospitals will be allowed to purchase their vaccine supplies although they must adhere to the ‘stringent’ Thai FDA protocols beforehand. We reported a few days ago that more than 172 million people have already received their shots worldwide.


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Thailand COVID-19 Vaccination Available

The COVID-19 vaccination will be easily accessed by Thais and expats alike

Mixed Opinions About the Vaccine

To be fair, there are many mixed views on the Thailand COVID-19 vaccination and its safety. The Bangkok Post article is getting mixed reviews in the comments section. Although many people are happy to accept anything thrown their way, some believe that the lack of research on the long-term effects of the Thailand COVID-19 vaccination is more frightening than the actual virus. And everyone is entitled to their opinion.


We should always be careful when multinational pharmaceutical companies are writing medical laws. It’s like letting the fox take care of the chicken pen. A total conflict of interests. But this has never been an issue for big business.


Whatever your opinion, the latest news from ‘those in the know’ in Thailand is that everyone will have access to the vaccine. So it really is your choice at the moment. Keep safe folks.

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