Spotify App Users Reach 345 Million Globally

You already know that at Thailand Event Guide we are avid Spotify app users and advocates. We love the streaming service for sure. And it seems that the world is following that ethos when the Spotify stats and financial figures for the final quarter of 2020 were released.


There are now more than 345 million Spotify app users globally. And over one-quarter of those users are also now avid podcast listeners. This is great news for the music streaming giants and also for us, the very thankful recipients of this immense service. And no, we are not on the Spotify payroll.

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The Spotify App is taking over the online music and podcast streaming industry

Spotify App Going from Strength to Strength

When Spotify first launched, it had to contend with the tech giants, Apple, who at the time had the music and podcast streaming and download game on lockdown. Oh, how times have changed.


We don’t have much current data or stats, but back in early 2020 Spotify already had 35% of the streaming market share. Apple had 19%, and Amazon Music had a 15% share of the market.  Global streaming subscriptions at the time reached approximately 358 million subs. Now it appears that Spotify almost has that figure alone.

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The Spotify App and company are projecting more growth in 2021

Spotify App Users Exponentially Grow in 2020

2020 was a very successful year for the Spotify app and the entire company. Spotify has recently reported that there are now in the region of 345 million Spotify users globally. The streaming giant’s first-quarter stats in 2020 showed Spotify had 130 million paid subscribers at that time. The paid subscriber figures by the end of 2020 had grown massively to 155 million.


Another very interesting stat to come out of the Q4 Spotify app stats is that around one-quarter of all users now listen to Podcasts. Spotify has said that there was a 100% increase in revenue for its podcast studio. It seems that all the naysayers in regards to the Joe Rogan podcast joining Spotify on an exclusive deal were wrong after all. No surprise there!

Market Leading Global Streaming Network

In general, all the figures and stats coming from the report show that the Spotify App is taking over the music and podcast streaming industry. And that’s probably because they do a great job and offer immense value for money. It really is that simple. The company has also projected that by the end of this financial year, Spotify users are expected to reach around 427 million. And why not! That is a very sensible projection and may be underplayed. Time will tell.


Do you already have Spotify Thailand? If not, you can download it for free. You can stream music and podcasts for free with adverts. However, if you want the best advert-free experience, the subscription price is less than 200 THB per month. It really is immense affordability.