New Spotify Patent Monitors Speech to Recommend Songs

A new Spotify patent that uses speech recognition to recommend songs based on many factors such as your emotions. That’s right folks, in the future Spotify will come to know when you are in a certain mood and will recommend you music based on that.


We live in an interesting world. Things like speech recognition are becoming normal things in life. And with this new Spotify patent, your music will become more streamlined and personalized than ever before.

New Spotify Patent Approved for Speech Recognition

The new Spotify patent was approved in January 2021 and will allows the platform to recommend tunes based on your emotions

New Spotify Patent

Music is all about moods. When people ask me my favorite song of all time, it depends on how I’m feeling at that time. This new Spotify patent can use voice recordings of users to determine their mood, and even background noises so it can recommend music to you.


But how does that even work? The voice recognition software will be able to understand your mood via the tone of your voice. The technology will extract “intonation, stress, rhythm, and units of speech’ to determine your emotions. This technology will also look to identify metadata points such as your fear, gender, accent, emotional state, and even the environment you are in. It will even be able to tell if you are alone or with others and will recommend music using all the data.

Spotify Patent to recommedn music

We do not know when the new Spotify patent will come into play

New Spotify Patent Approved in Jan 2021

The new Spotify patent was first filed back in 2018. But the patent was finally approved on 12 January 2021. The description of the patent showed that Spotify was already using some kind of decision tree that recommends artists, songs, and podcasts. But the new tech aims to go one step further.


Spotify believes it needs to take “An entirely different approach to collecting taste attributes of a user, particularly one that is rooted in technology so that the above-described human activity (e.g., requiring a user to provide input) is at least partially eliminated and performed more efficiently.”


It all sounds very unique and interesting. Not sure I want Spotify to use voice recognition on my just to recommend songs, but hey, some people might want it.

When Will Spotify Release the Tech?

At the moment of writing, there has been no official word from Spotify on when the implementation of this feature will take place and when it will be launched. The news on the new Spotify patent is very interesting though. How good that sort of algorithm would be for really recommending songs, I don’t know. I like thrash songs when I am sad, not a soppy love song. So it will be interesting.


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