5 Reasons to Download Spotify Thailand App

Did you know it’s free to download Spotify app Thailand? We can’t wax lyrical enough about how great Spotify is. I only write about it so often because I am a music fan and can’t believe how amazing the service is.


Are you a fan of music? How about podcasts? You can get them all for free when you download Spotify Thailand app. It’s really simple to download, and will finally give something back to the artists. Here are 5 reasons to download the app now.

Download Spotify Thailand App Today for Music and Podcasts

For free, you can download Spotify Thailand app and get lots of music and podcasts

#1 – It’s Totally Free!

One thing that consumers fail to realize is that it’s free to download and use the Spotify Thailand app. You can download it now from the Google PlayStore. And right away you can stream all the music and podcasts you like… for free! You can buy a premium Spotify account in Thailand for only 129 THB per month, and the difference between the free one and the premium services is adverts. You will get an advert for every few songs on the free version. While the premium version doesn’t have ads. Download Spotify Thailand app today by clicking here.


#2 – Amazing Selection of Music – Download Spotify Thailand App

Did you know there are currently more than 50 million songs on Spotify? It’s an immense amount. It’s also reported that there are 40,000 new songs a week added to the platform. I was skeptical when I first downloaded the app because I like some rare groove soul tunes, but I was shocked to find them on Spotify. You can stream or save all manner of songs, and even save entire albums. It really is a music lover’s paradise and has almost every song and album you could wish for.

Download Spotify Thailand App

Download Spotify Thailand app today and get access to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and thousand of others.

#3 – Best Podcasts in the World

Spotify is now the only place to catch the biggest podcast in the world, the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). Rogan is exclusive with Spotify. All the biggest podcasts in the world are on Spotify. In fact, there are over 700,000 podcast titles. You won’t believe the choice! And you can turn off your phone screen while listening, unlike YouTube, which is great when going to bed listening to music or podcasts. Are you listening to what I am saying? It only makes sense to download Spotify Thailand app.


#4 – Support Musicians and Artists – Download Spotify Thailand App

Spotify is one of the only ways that the record industry can combat online piracy at this moment in time. And although the percentage that actually goes to the artists from Spotify streams might be small, it’s better than the alternative… piracy! At least the music industry will get something for its troubles. In honesty, we don’t care about record companies, but we do about the musicians and artists. And in the future, a platform like Spotify will help artists to circumnavigate record companies when releasing music.

#5 – Available on Any Device

When you download Spotify Thailand app, you can use it on all your devise. From your phone, tablet, laptop, TV and anywhere else. And your save profile will be available across all the devices, so you will be able to keep your playlists and your liked songs, so you won’t miss a thing.


Spotify is the future of online music streaming. And for podcasts too. The app is free to download and use, but a premium account is also very affordable in Thailand. Do you love music and want to have everything at your fingertips? Download Spotify today. It will literally change your life. It did mine.