WWE Legend The Undertaker Confirms Steroid Use on Joe Rogan Podcast

WWE legend The Undertaker confirms steroid use in the early part of his wrestling career in the 1990s. A wrestler taking steroids? Who’d have thunk it!


The news was revealed on the recent Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast on Spotify on 20 January 2021. Rogan interviewed the WWE legend and it was a great podcast, especially if you are a pro wrestling fan. We doubt that Vince McMahon will be joyous about the news that The Undertaker confirms steroid use while working at his company. But let’s be honest, McMahon is more jacked than the wrestlers!

Undertaker Confirms Steriod Use on Rogan Podcast

The Undertaker confirms steroid use in the WWE in the 1990s to Joe Rogan

The Undertaker Confirms Steroid Use in the 1990s

The Undertaker’s real name, Mark Calaway, has been one of the wrestling industry’s most popular and elusive characters for almost 30 years. He every rarely broke character in all that time. But when the wrestler retired from in-ring competition earlier this year at WrestleMania, we finally got some real interviews with Calaway the person and not his ‘dead man’ moniker.


His recent interview on the Joe Rogan Podcast gave us a real insight into the man instead of the gimmick. But one thing that sparked attention is when The Undertaker confirms steroid use in the 1990s. Everyone knows that steroids were rife in the then-WWF back in the 80s and 90s, but it seems that everyone was ‘on the gear’.

Undertaker Confirms Steriod Use on Joe Rogan Podcast

The Undertake confirms steriod use on the Joe Rogan podcast earlier this week

Undertaker Confirms Steroid Use to Joe Rogan

Is it really a shocking revelation? Not particularly, but we didn’t expect to hear those words from the consummate professional that Calaway is known for.


When talking to Rogan on the podcast, Callaway said some interesting things. Rogan asked the WWE icon if the company tested for steroids in the modern age. His reply was, ‘Now, we’re tested for everything. They test for steroids – they have for a while.”


When pressed on the issue, Calaway even admitted that he had used steroids for a time in the 1990s. And said that everyone was using at the time. Calaway said:


“There’s some big motherf***ers out there and cut! And I don’t know how they did it – I couldn’t get that big when I was on steroids! here was a time where everyone had to be… You had to be big, jacked, right. Especially the guys the 6 foot 8, the big guys – there was a stigma, you’ve gotta be 300 pounds.”

Will WWE and Vince McMahon be Mad?

Will the WWE owner Vince McMahon be mad about how The Undertaker confirms steroid use in the company? It’s hardly a trade secret? Probably not. It seems that Callaway can get away with anything as he helped the WWE become the largest sports entertainment entity on the planet.


Vince McMahon is probably on testosterone considering he is in his mid-70s and looks 20 years younger and still has mass and muscles. It’s the nature of the wrestling business for sure.


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