5 Reasons to Watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand

Are you currently watching the British action drama series Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand? If the answer is ‘no’. why not? It’s literally one of the best shows on TV over the past few years and is ranked up there with the likes of Better Call Saul and Ozark as the best shows currently on TV.


If you have never encountered the Shelby Family from Small Heath, Birmingham, England, you are missing out big time! The show is currently between Season 5 and the final Season 6 and follows gangster Tomas Shelby building his gambling empire and stepping on many toes along the way. Most of which he blows off with a sawed-off shotgun. If you are not already watching this high-octane show full of action, violence, black humor, and history, you need to rethink your life.


Here are 5 reasons to watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand:

Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand

Make sure you do not miss the chance to watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand

#1: The Shelby Family Are So Cool – Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand

The Shelby family gang, the Peaky Blinders, is headed up by its illustrious leader, Tommy Shelby. Not only is Tommy a heartthrob, but he is clever, vicious, a visionary, and crazy, all in the same headspace. His family of gangsters is made up of the scary Auntie Polly, and Tommy brothers Arthur, John, and Fin. They are pretty much the coolest family on TV. They are violent, funny, sometimes compassionate, and always hell-bent on defeating their opponents. Usually in the most violent manner possible.


#2: Lots of Action… and Violence

Did we mention that the show was violent? The name ‘Peaky Blinders’ refers to the flat caps that the gang wears with razor blades stitched into the peak of the cap. In fights, the Peaky Blinders slash their enemies with the razors on the caps. Peaky Blinders is action-packed and is one of the most violent shows on TV. You can catch Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand now.

Watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand

Watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand today and catch up with the first five seasons

#3: Understand British History Between WWI and WWII

The history of Britain between the first and second world wars is mainly undocumented. Especially in film. It was a very dangerous and transitional time for the cities, towns, and villages of the Midlands and Northern England when its troops came back from WWI with their Tommy Guns in hand and their brains reeling from war trauma and shellshock. The show covers some interesting historical moments such as Winston Churchill before he became Prime Minister of England and the ongoing problems with the IRA. It is fascinating how the show’s creator Steven Knight weaved lots of real-life history into the show.


#4: Binge-Watching TV Series – Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand

We live in a world of binge-watching. Nobody watches TV shows every week anymore. We like to have access to all episodes in a drama TV series and watch them at our own time and pace. If you have already finished binge-watching The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad, you now need to turn your attention to watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand. There are 5 full seasons at the moment with ten episodes each that are one-hour long. You currently have 50 hours of Peaky Blinders to binge-watch. Good luck with that.

#5: The Final Season is Coming

Season 6 of Peaky Blinders will be filmed later this year. Recent news reported that Steven Knight said the planned seventh season of the show has been canceled due to COVID-19. Instead, a Peaky Blinders movie will replace the seventh season as the show’s finale. You have lots of time to get up to speed with the current five seasons and then we can watch the final season of Peaky Blinders on Netflix Thailand together!


We recommend that you leave this article right away and click here to see the show on Netflix. We promise that you will have a fun time watching the boys from Small Heath gangstering their way to the top. Make sure you keep an eye out for Tommy’s brother, Arthur Shelby because he is one of the most complicated yet lovable psychos you will ever see on TV. He is so bad, yet so good. We hope you enjoy Peaky Blinders. We did!