Top-5 Free Trending Google Play Store Apps in Jan 2021

Do you want to know what the top-5 free trending Google Play Store apps are in January 2021? If so, you’re in luck. News is being reported that you can now see the best trending apps at the store, which is a recent feature from Google.


You can see the best free and paid apps, the most popular games, the top-grossing games, and much more with the new function. So, what are the best 5 free apps on the store in January 2021?

Disney + Trending Google Play Store Apps

Disney + is one of the most popular trending Google Play Store Apps available

#5: Disney + App  – Trending Google Play Store Apps

One of the most popular apps for January is the Disney + app. If you are on the fly and want to watch the best Disney and Marvel movies and series, this app allows you to do so. Be connected to your Disney + account wherever you go. It is one of the best and most popular mobile phone apps in the world. You can get the Disney + app by clicking here.


#4: ZOOM Cloud Meetings

One of the apps that have most benefited in 2020 from the restrictions on movements has been the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app. ZOOM has become massive over the past 12-months for its meetings and conference-style app that lets you connect with friends, family, and work in the easiest and fun way. ZOOM has been a true sensation in 2020 and is expected to carry on with the good work in 2021. You can download the ZOOM app by clicking here.

Trending Google Play Store App TikTok

The TokTok app is a very popular trending Google Play Store App

#3: TikTok – Best Trending Google Play Store Apps 2021

The third most popular and trending Google Play Store apps for January 2021 is the TikTok app. The TikTok app is very controversial in some countries like the USA, but on the whole is very popular. It’s the perfect way to make videos to reach out to your fans or friends. It’s loads of fun and easy to use. Get TikTok now at the Play Store.

#2: Signal Private Messenger App

As you can see from this list, communication and messenger apps are the most popular by a country mile. The Signal Private Messenger app is second on the list. It’s one of the best HD message portals in the world and is used by millions on a daily basis. The app’s advanced privacy functions are one of the reasons this app is so popular. You can download the app on Google Play Store by clicking here.

#1: Telegram Messaging App

The number-1 free trending app in January is the Telegram App. The app is one of the best and fastest instant message apps in the world with over 400 million users. You can message individuals, set up private messaging groups and networks, and much more. Why is Telegram the most popular app on Google Play Store? Because it’s fast, easy to use, and easy to download. You can download the Telegram app now at the store by clicking here.


As you can see, messaging apps are the most popular in the world. These 5 are the best free trending Google Play Store Apps so far in 2021. Make sure you keep in contact with the trending list for the best app downloads in the world.