Joe Rogan Concerned About Authoritarian Social Media Shutdowns

In response to the recent shutdown of the Parler social media platform, podcaster Joe Rogan is concerned with the wrong precedents being set. Having different opinions that some see as dangerous is one thing, but banning entire platforms and profiles is not a good thing for freedom of speech.


Joe Rogan is pointing out the dangers of a ‘censorship culture’ that is playing out in America, and the UK as well. It’s dangerous and foolish to not only attempt to silence your opponents but to be proud of censorship. And that’s what Rogan believes we are seeing more and more of.

Joe Rogan concerned about Censorship and Parler Shut Down

Joe Rogan is very concerned on the censorship we are currently seeing in America and globally

Joe Rogan Offer Logical Response to Authoritarian Censorship

Podcaster Joe Rogan touched on the subject on the #1594 episode of his JRE podcast. Joe talked with his guest about the growing trend of authoritarian censorship we are seeing on a global scale. And many parts of the US society seem to be celebrating the censorship of views. We live in a strange time folks where those political parties that used to champion free speech are now the ones celebrating censorship.


Joe touched on the subject of the social media platform, Parler, being shut down. The platform was shut down because of some videos in favor of the recent hijack of the Capitol Hill building. Rogan pondered how it is possible to shut down an entire social media platform because a handful of people, which in the minority, posted certain types of videos. Joe Rogan has some real points.


Rogan said:


“Authoritarianism in this country, like, there are a lot of people that like it. They think silence is their opponent. Like, what’s going on right now with like Parler is being shut down. Everybody is like yeah good, they are spreading hate.”

Joe Rogan Spotify Deal Exclusive

Joe Rogan is being very vocal about the Parler shut down and other Twitter bans

Joe Rogan on Freedom of Speech

How is a country that used to celebrate free speech and its attitude towards now going completely in the opposite direction? And some people are actually celebrating the censorship like a cheerleader. Joe Rogan compared the move to shut down Parler to something we might see the communist government of China do. And he is right. So why are we supporting this?


Rogan also said that:


“What percentage is spreading hate? What’s the numbers? And is this wise? That we shut down all discourse that you agree with? Like yeah, it’s not good if someone gets on there and they’re talking about violence against the government or violence against individuals or they’re spreading racist ideas. You’re right. That’s not good, but I don’t think the solution is to shut them down. The real problem is that it sets a weird precedent.”

Recent Donald Trump Twitter Ban

Whether you think the recent attack on Capitol Hill is an act of terrorism or freedom shouldn’t be the overriding fact here. Both sides should be able to offer their opinions regardless. That is how freedom of speech works. And you do not have the right to stop people from having opinions different from your own. It’s what being human is all about.


Is the recent Donald Trump Twitter ban a good or bad thing?  A multitude of Democrats thinks it’s a good thing, along with a section of republicans. But just because Trump says some ‘out there’ things, do we have the right to cancel people’s opinions on a public platform?


Banning opinions sets a very dangerous precedent. And although some people believe it’s for the good that Trump is banned on Twitter, is it really the direction we want to take society in general? Banning people with different opinions? It’s dangerous. Personally, I cannot stand Donald Trump and never have, but you can’t go around banning Twitter accounts and entire social media platforms just because they have a different opinion to ‘mainstream belief’. Freedom of speech doesn’t work that way.


It’s great to see that Joe Rogan is using his platform for logic and common sense discussion. Because there is far too little of that in the world today.


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