Dr. Dre Brain Aneurysm News, Rapper Finally Goes Home from Hospital

We finally have some more Dr. Dre brain aneurysm news. The Rap music legend Dr. Dre has finally left the hospital and is back home after his recent brain aneurysm scare. However, it is being stated that the award-winning record producer and hip-hop emcee is still receiving 24-hour care at his Los Angeles mansion. So he is not completely out of the woods and back to his former self.


TMZ has recently reported on the Dr. Dre brain aneurysm issue. Dre is now apparently back home after the recent medical scare. Whether you love or hate Dre, we don’t want to lose another legend.

Dr Dre Brain Aneurysm Issue REcovering

The Dr Dre brain aneurysm was scary, but the good doc is back at home reports TMZ

Dr Dre Brain Aneurysm Recovery in LA

It has been a difficult few weeks for the rap music community. In the same week we received the news about the Dr. Dre brain aneurysm and going into hospital, we also heard the news that legendary underground rapper MF DOOM had also passed away. Hip-hop cannot afford to lose two legends in such a short space of time.


TMZ insider sources close to Dre said that the rapper left the hospital on Friday and is relieved to be back home. However, the doctors are still keeping an eye on his condition. But with his vast fortune, Dre will have the best medical care known to man, so we needn’t worry too much.

Dr Dre brain aneurysm news article

The Dr Dre brain aneurysm scare is now finally over as he is finally home

Dr Dre Brain Aneurysm News in 2020

When the news originally broke about the Dr. Dre brain aneurysm on 6 January 2020 that Dr. Dre, the music world was shocked. We even had videos of Snoop Dogg crying in support of his Chronic-smoking buddy.


Nobody originally knew what to think about the news. With all quarters of the record industry praying for his recovery. Everyone aside from his wife. The bitter financial divorce settlement between Dr. Dre and his wife must have contributed to his stress levels. When someone who is a glorified homemaker asks for several hundred million from a talented man, you know we live in a crazy world. We have no sympathy for his wife.

Will Dr. Dre Recover Fully?

At this moment in time, the news on Dre’s actual situation is still sketchy. As he’s left the hospital, we can only assume that he is on the med. Dre first shot to mainstream prominence in the late-1908s with his controversial NWA rap group project. He then went on to produce some of the biggest rap albums of all-time such as The Chronic, Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, his own Chronic 2001, and all Eminem’s early albums. The man is a rap god, both in terms of production and rapping.


The Dr. Dre brain aneurysm scare has put things in perspective. We take our musical legends for granted. Dre is only in his 50s, so hopefully, this is just a blip, and that he won’t have to see a real ‘Doctor’ much again in the future. We hope you make a full recovery Dr. Dre!