British Comedian Ricky Gervais Offered Stand-Up Gig in Space

The renowned British comedian Ricky Gervais has been offered a stand-up comedy gig in space. And we are not talking about a futuristic Californian comedy club called ‘space’ either! It’s the real thing we are talking about… the one with constellations, planets, aliens, and all sorts of stuff!


Did you think it was cool when we heard the news about Tom Cruise going into space to research his upcoming movie role? The British Comedian Ricky Gervais is taking it one step further. It could also spawn a spin-off series with Ricky’s comedy mate, Karl Pilkington, which could be simply titled “An Idiot in Space.”

British Comedian - Standup Comedy in Space

Ricky Gervais has been offered a standup comedy gig in space, but he turned it down

British Comedian Ricky Gervais first Comedian in Space?

We all know that Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space, but what about the first comedian in space? I always thought it would be Joe Rogan. The cocky British comedian Ricky Gervais recently told chat show host Jimmy Fallon that he was offered a 15-minute stand-up comedy gig in space. Here is the video on YouTube of Fallon interviewing the comedian.


But Gervais said he turned down the offer because he didn’t want to take the risk. And that he was “careful crossing the road”. You can’t help but think that Gervais turned down a very unique opportunity that he might regret later. However, Gervais doesn’t seem to regret many things and is never short on scathing social commentary that slags off entitled celebrities. It’s why we love Ricky!

British Comedian Ricky Gervais in Space Job

British Comedian Ricky Gervais is offered a job in space

Turning Down a Great Gig in the Sky

Would you turn down the chance to perform in space? Even if it was only a 15-minute set for an esteem selection of billionaires? Gervais wasn’t that bothered!

Talking to Fallon earlier this week, Gervais said:

“I was offered one of these things where you go up into space for 15 minutes and it was like a group of billionaires and they offered me the chance to be the first comedian to do a stand-up show in space. I went no. I am not going to risk it.”


Not many people would turn that job down. One can only imagine the money on offer to become the first comedian in space! However, the British comedian Ricky Gervais is not your normal run-of-the-mill guy. To his detriment!

British Comedian Rocky Gervais Talks Space Travel

Gervais was quite amusing when talking about the offer. He went on to discuss how people will be able to pay to go into space for a short time. But because of the price, it’s only billionaires and other rich folks that can afford a 15-minute soiree into space.


“These people have paid $300,000 to go into space and have a look around. And then they go there and it’s Ricky Gervais doing 10 minutes. They can watch me on YouTube,” said Gervais. “And now they have blown three hundred thousand? Look out the window.”


It’s actually quite an interesting concept that not only you can go into space for a short time for a fee, but there will also be world-class entertainment that you could see in Las Vegas. LOOK OUT OF THE WINDOW… YOU’RE IN SPACE!


This unique take on the world is why we have come to love the British Comedian. Ricky Gervais won’t be going into space anytime soon, but there will be other stand-up comedians queuing up to take the gig to get off Planet Earth. Bill Crosby anyone?