Is Anthony Joshua V Tyson Fury the Biggest Sporting Event in 2021?


Will Anthony Joshua V Tyson Fury be the biggest sporting event in 2021? We are talking about a stand-alone individual event, not the Olympics or the postponed/delayed Euro 2020 football championship.


However, Joshua V Fury could generate over 100 million USD for each fighter if the crowds are allowed back into sporting events this year. Do you know of any other athlete who could make $100 million for potentially less than 40 minutes’ work? And times that by two. I’ll answer that for you. NO! So, potentially, this could easily be the biggest sporting event in 2021 for an individual night of action.

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The Anthony Joshua V Tyson Fury fight could be the biggest sporting event in 2021 for a single night event

Will the Biggest Sporting Event in 2021 take place?

Some people will question whether Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua will ever get into the ring together. It’s been a difficult year for world championship boxing, The COVID-19 pandemic really did put a large dent in the boxing industry. The industry heavily relies on gate revenue, whether it’s a small hall show or a major event in Las Vegas. Without the crowds, boxing has seriously flagged. And this is having a massive knock-on effect on what could be the biggest sporting event in 2021.


Matchroom UK head honcho and Joshua promoter, Eddie Hearn, believes the fight cannot take place at Wembley Stadium in the UK while COVID restrictions are in place. Hearn expects to attract 80,000 to 90,000 people to Wembley in the summer for the fight. But that doesn’t look possible at this time? Even if boxing is allowed with crowds this year, we can only imagine that attendance will be limited. We are stuck beneath a rock and hard place! So, is there any other option aside from Wembley and the UK?

Joshua Vs Fury - Biggest Sporting Event in 2021

Tyson Fury is recognized as the true heavyweight champion of the world

Biggest Sporting Event in 2021 taking place in Saudi?

Eddie Hearn has hinted that to make the fight viable in 2021 and to give the boxers the purses they are expecting; the fight might have to take place in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian princes will indeed fork out massive amounts of money to secure the fight in their country. They have already proved this before by hosting Anthony Joshua V Andy Ruiz in December 2019, and their ongoing relationship with the WWE.


However, controversy follows any sporting promotional agency that works with the Saudi Arabian authorities because of their despicable human rights record. Anthony Joshua came in for massive criticism for taking Saudi Arabian money. The reports show that Joshua was paid between £30 and £60 for the Ruiz fight. Whichever way you cut it, the purse was one of the largest we have seen in boxing in recent years and unobtainable outside being Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao, and even the latter would struggle to make that for one fight. The money alone involved could make this the biggest sporting event in 2021.

Don’t Forget Tyson Fury

With lots of the talk being about Anthony Joshua, let’s not forget Tyson Fury, who is recognized as the ‘lineal’ heavyweight champion of the world who has never been beaten. Fury must be a favorite for the fight, coming off the back of his impressive knock-out of former WBC champ Deontay Wilder in early 2020. This was actually the last time that the undefeated Fury has fought. So going into an AJ fight without a warm-up is risky business, but that is what the Gypsy King is all about.


Will Anthony Joshua V Tyson Fury take place this year? If it does, it will most likely be in Saudi Arabia and could be the biggest sporting event in 2021, especially in terms of individual revenues and a one-night event.

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