Visiting Koh Larn Holiday Guide


Are you considering a Koh Larn holiday? If so, we have some amazing information and a guide to exploring the island. This is the perfect holiday location for those already in Pattaya or those in Bangkok looking to get away for a few days if tropical brilliance.


Many people who visit the Pattaya and Eastern seaboard region in Thailand often fail to realize that the island of Koh Larn. The island is situated in the Gulf of Thailand, offering something a bit different, bringing you the ultimate tropical holiday atmosphere in this part of the world. Many people come to Pattaya on holiday and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, immersing themselves into the untold Tropicana of the awe-inspiring Koh Larn Holiday Island.

Koh Larn Holiday Experience

Enjoy a Koh Larn holiday if you are currently in Bangkok or Pattaya

Where is Koh Larn?

Koh Larn is situated in the Gulf of Thailand. Just a 30-minute boat ride from the ferry terminal at Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya. There are a few options to get to Koh Larn. With the easiest being speed boats that cost between 1500 THB and 2500 THB depending on the size of your group or which operator you use. The above-mentioned ferry ride from Bali Hai is only 30 THB per person, making it the cheapest and most popular option for a Koh Larn holiday.


Koh Larn Holiday Attractions

The beaches on Koh Larn are what make the experience so special. There are 6 main beaches in total with a few smaller ones. The beaches are flanked by beautiful crystal oceans and lots of restaurants, offering everything you could need for a relaxing beach-holiday.


Aside from beaches, most people make the journey to the Khao Nom Viewpoint, offering mesmerizing views out across Naban Port and Nual Beach. The Wind-Wheel Viewpoint is also a popular place to see the island’s stunning natural beauty, located on the way to Samae Beach and home to 45 wind-wheels. One of the most hidden attractions is the view-point at the Guan Yin Statue and Temple, merging great views and culture into one.

Koh Larn Holiday in Pattaya

You can book a Koh Larn holiday very easy to get away for a few days

Koh Larn Holiday Activities

The main Koh Larn holiday attractions and things to do are centered on beach life and water-sports. Take part in a spot of parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boating, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. The seas are crystal clear and the beaches are extremely beautiful. Some people opt to rent a motorbike (200 THB per day) or a bicycle (varying rental prices) to explore the island at their own time and pace.


If you enjoy fishing, there are several piers around the island that are popular with fishermen, and local shops that can hire you the equipment. When it comes to Koh Larn activities, it’s all about outdoor pursuits and beach-life.

Dining Out on Koh Larn

The beauty of a Koh Larn holiday is that you have a wide range of cuisine and food styles at your fingertips. Next to every beach area of the island you will find several restaurants. Local and fresh seafood being some of the most popular restaurants, although there are also many eateries serving international and European cuisine such as pizzas and so forth. The Suntosa Resort also has an excellent onsite restaurant, serving local and international food, making it one of the best hotels on Koh Larn. You can literally order food from every restaurant on the island and have it delivered directly to the Suntosa Resort, where you can dine on their sea-view terrace, enjoy a stunning meal and bask in the views.


Koh Larn is a place of tranquility and Tropicana. Merging stunning natural abundance, awe-inspiring beaches with crystal clear oceans and lots of water-sports, with loads of eating options.


Whether you are a single person looking to get away from Pattaya for a couple of days or a family looking to immerse yourself in the ultimate beach-life holiday, Koh Larn Island is easy to reach from Pattaya City. And offers something different to the other holiday destinations in the region. A Koh Larn holiday is ideal for those living in Pattaya or Bangkok who want to get away for a few days of relaxing on the beach.

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