From Grape to Glass – Harvest Season @ Monsoon Valley Hua Hin


Monsoon Valley Hua Hin is known as one of the best vineyards in Thailand. If you are interested in wine production from the grape to the glass, from the vineyard to the wine bar, you are in for a real treat in 2021. Celebrate the opening of the Harvest season.


Monsoon Valley Hua Hin is organizing their stunning Harvest Festival event that will take place at the vineyard during the Harvest Season on 20-27 February 2021. Not only will the event allow you to learn about wine production, but will also help to promote tourism in Hua Hin.


Discovering Monsoon Valley Hua Hin

Monsoon Valley Hua Hin has was first established back in 2002 and is one of the best vineyards in Central Thailand. Their Harvest Festival 2021 event during the Harvest season will promote the products of the vineyard while at the same time introducing you to the process of making wine. The vineyard also grows other local produce that will be showcased at the event. There is 700 rai of land in total at Monsoon Valley.


The vineyard was first established by a local entrepreneur named Chalerm Yoovidhya who wanted to create something new and unique in the Hua Hin countryside. Chalerm wanted to prove that grapes could be grown at the 13th latitude of the Northern Hemisphere. His labour of love has become one of the most talked-about vineyards in Thailand over the past 17 years.

Monsoon Valley Vineyard Hua Hin - Thailand Wine

Monsoon Valley Hua Hin Vineyard will be the host of the 2021 Harvest Festival

Harvest Season 2021 at Monsoon Valley Hua Hin

The Harvest Festival 2020 event during this year’s harvest season will offer lots of interesting features. There will be a ‘Grape to Glass’ wine production class that promises to be educational and fascinating. You will learn about all the processes it takes to turn the Monsoon Valley Hua Hin grapes into the products you see on the shelves. The Grape to Glass class is very affordable and is only 390 THB per person.


Another important part of the festival is the Executive Wine Dinner package where you get the chance to enjoy a stunning meal with produce that was grown at the vineyard, and some amazing wines of course! This sunset dinner will take place on the Saturday of the event.


Throughout this week-long festival opening up the Harvest Season, there will be lots of food and drink stalls and lots of opportunities to try out the Monsoon Valley wine products and also other local produce. It will be a great event for families and groups of friends.

Promoting Hua Hin Tourism

It’s been a difficult few months for the world as a whole. And especially for organizing events. The Thailand events calendar has taken a massive hit since March 2020, but everyone is hoping that 2021 will signal a move back to something resembling normality.


The Harvest Festival 2021 at Monsoon Valley Hua Hin will help to attract tourists, both domestic and international, back to Hua Hin. The region is one of the most popular holiday areas in Thailand, especially with Thai people who live in Bangkok who come to get away for a long weekend. The event organizers are hoping that the Harvest Festival will kick-start events in the region to stimulate the local economy.


If you are in Hua Hin in February 2021, or you simply want to find a reason to visit the region, the 2021 Harvest Festival is the perfect opportunity. We look forward to seeing you there.


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