Exploring Bangkok Floating Market


Have you ever been to the famous Bangkok Floating Market? This is easily one of the most popular Bangkok attractions that brings in tens of thousands of tourists each year.


One of the most famous pictures of Thailand, and one of the most visited tourist sites on the outskirts of Bangkok, is the famous Floating Market. The original and most promoted Floating Market, Damnoen Saduak, is located 110 kilometers from Bangkok in Ratchaburi province. Do you want to visit the famous Bangkok Floating Market for the first time? If so, you seriously need to keep on reading.

Getting to Bangkok Floating Market

Getting to the Bangkok Floating Market should be an easy affair, depending on traffic of course! All taxis know the route and will be happy to make sure you get there in one piece.  We recommend if your time in Bangkok allows you, to do this tour in the week to avoid spending an unnecessary amount of time in traffic. The floating market can be really busy at weekends, so you have been warned.


The original canals which now make up the Floating Market were built in 1866 on demand of His Majesty the King of Thailand to help ease communication in the province. The actual Floating Market started in 1967 and today thrives with hordes of tourists from all over the world.

Cruising the Canals @ Bangkok Floating Market

Canals in and around Bangkok are an important method of transport and help to facilitate communication between different areas of the city. To this day many people still live along the canals and frequently use boats as a method of transportation from one point to another.


Food is a very important part of Thai culture. You will see mobile food stores selling anything from fruit, Som Tam, BBQ chicken, and other delicacies moving around Bangkok, on the streets just as an ice cream van does in most western countries. This also applies to the canals where you will frequently see boats moving from house to house selling different wares.


Thailand does have Tesco’s, Carrefour, Leading Price, and other major supermarkets all around the country and most communities will have their own ‘wet market’ selling fresh produce. So if you hope to see many Thais buying their daily needs at the Bangkok Floating Market you may be disappointed. It really is more of a tourist haven in this day and age.

Major Bangkok Tourist Attraction

Most people visiting the Bangkok Floating Market are foreigners and Thai tourists. But it does offer visitors an excellent opportunity to see something different and take some great pictures of what is a true Thai icon.


We recommend travelers to organize a tour to enjoy the Floating Market. Most tours will pick you up from any of the hotels in Bangkok. The tour normally starts around 06:30 (slightly later at weekends due to traffic).


You do need to verify that the tour is in fact of the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and not another. As there are hundreds around, and you should also clarify what the tour price actually includes, and how many people will be in your tour.


Bangkok Floating Market is an iconic Bangkok attraction. Although it’s mainly a tourism attraction, you can still buy some fantastic products. From fruit and veg to souvenirs and much more. Any tuk-tuk or taxi in the city knows the way. And if you are staying in a large hotel chain, you can ask at the front desk and they will find you a taxi to ensure you get there. We hope you have a great time shopping!

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