Enter Prestigious Awards Ceremony for Businesses in Bangkok!


Are you looking to enter your company in a prestigious awards ceremony for businesses in Bangkok? Do you want to enjoy a stunning 5-course meal while networking with some of Bangkok’s most successful business people? If so, you need to attend the NTCC Rethink Business Awards Dinner 2020.


The business world has been dramatically affected over the past 6-months, in Bangkok and beyond. This prestigious awards ceremony is aiming to reward businesses in Bangkok who have reshaped and rethought their business strategies to adapt to a new way of thinking.

Bangkok Business Awards - NTCC RETHINK Business 2020

The NTCC RETHINK Business Awards 2020 is a Bangkok business award ceremony you don’t want to miss.

Rewarding Businesses in Bangkok

The NTCC Rethink Business Awards Dinner 2020 is a joint enterprise to promote and network amongst the Thai-Dutch business community in the city. This is the 22nd edition of these prestigious awards, hosted by the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce. The event will take place at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok on 20 November 2020.


Do you want to join the event? How about entering your company for an award?


There are three categories for the award ceremony. The event will be run under the theme of ‘RETHINK BUSINESS’ and is aimed towards companies that have changed their business philosophy in 2020.


Has your company performed well in 2020, even in the face of the COVID pandemic? Did you see the need to change your thinking and business strategy? If so, you and your company will be a frontrunner for businesses in Bangkok at the awards.

NTCC Rethink Business Awards - Bangkok Business

The NTCC Rethink Business Awards is an important event for the city

Award Categories for Businesses in Bangkok

There are three main award categories at the NTCC Rethink Business Awards Dinner 2020. Here is a rundown of the categories and their requirements:


  • RETHINK your business model – This will award businesses in Bangkok who have adopted new business concepts and models to develop growth and profit margin during these trying times.


  • RETHINK your market – The pandemic has seriously affected supply chains. This category is for companies that have managed to keep or regain your client base amidst the troubles. This is also for firms who explored new markets and gained new clients.


  • RETHINK your footprint – This category is for companies that lessened their impact on the climate during the year. Did your company reduce its carbon footprint while becoming sustainable in an ecological sense? If so, this ward was made for your business.


Bangkok Gala Dinner and Ticket Prices

Businesses in Bangkok need to consider booking a place or table at the event. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual entrepreneur or company. Everyone is welcome. You can book single seats or corporate packages that induce up to 8 people from your business. All ticket packages include a 5-course meal, wine, Heineken and soft drinks. The packages also give you the opportunity to enter you or your company into one of the award categories, or even to nominate a favorite client.


The standard ticket price for a single seat at a table will cost 3,852 THB per person. This will include the 5-course meal and drinks. The Standard Table ticket price is for 8 people, costs 37,500 THB per table, and also includes the 5-course meal and introductions to VIP business people in Bangkok.


There are premium and gold packages that combine many extra features such as opportunities to display your company logos, and have your company prominently placed at all times. You can contact them directly in regards to your needs and the prices.


Businesses in Bangkok can reach out to the Thai-Dutch business community by booking seats at the NTCC Rethink Business Awards Dinner 2020. If you also want accommodation, the Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok also has some discounted room rates available for the event.

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