Phuket Shopping Guide: Buying Groceries


Are you looking for the best Phuket shopping options to buy groceries? Phuket might be known for its unimaginable beauty and beachside destinations that provide visitors with that special subtropical getaway. But with a rapidly evolving infrastructure, shopping has become as important as the beaches for travelers. Whether it’s local Asian artworks and handicrafts, copied goods, jewelry, or the latest designer gear, Phuket simply has it all!


Here is the best advice when it comes to Phuket shopping options for buying groceries.

Jungceylon Phuket Shoping Center

The Jungceylon Shopping Center was the first of its kind in Patong

Phuket Shopping Centres

20 years ago, Phuket shopping mall options were limited to Tesco Lotus, Big C, Robinson’s at Phuket Town, and Makro. Although that was still more than acceptable for such a small island, times have rapidly changed.


The Jungceylon shopping complex is Patong’s first and only shopping center – which is still more than enough. With a range of shops that sell everything from the latest fashion designs, handicrafts, electronic goods, sportswear, and imported food items, visitors to Patong have never looked back. Jungceylon is also home to the Shooting Café, a fully equipped state-of-the-art cinema, and more international fast food joints than you can imagine, the town has moved into the 21st century in style.


– Phuket Shopping for DIY and Fashion

Those seeking out DIY goods need to look no further than the Index Living Mall and Homeworks (which now have a few outlets in Phuket). Designer fashion and sports goods have never been cheaper than within the Outlet Mall on Bypass Road. Here you can find a range of clothing unavailable in most of the shopping centers in Phuket.

Central Festival Phuket Shopping Center

The Central Festival is one of the most famous Phuket shopping center options

Central Festival Phuket Shopping Center

Central Festival is one of the most famous Phuket shopping centers, situated within close proximity to Big C on the commercial park on the outskirts of Phuket Town. This famous shopping chain is home to a wide selection of boutique stores with the latest fashion styles, as well as a cinema, food court, and a vast choice of international restaurants. The supermarket in Central is a great place to buy a wide selection of imported goods. Formally known as Tops, the supermarket has now changed its name to Central Food World, but the high quality of food items remains the same as always.


– Villa Market Phuket Chalong

If you are a stickler for food items imported from the western world, the relatively new Villa Market Complex at Chalong is the place for you. This is the supermarket to visit if you cannot find the food and grocery items you desire within Phuket’s other supermarkets. Although the prices can be quite high, you can normally get what you want at Villa Market.

Phuket Shopping Markets

The Weekend Market on the outskirts of Phuket Town has become the stuff of legends. Opening in the mid-afternoon each Saturday and Sunday, this market has now achieved cult status. Even though the market is predominantly Thai, this already means you can get a wide range of goods for the best prices in Phuket. Whether you desire copied CDs, DVDs, clothing, or a wide range of locally made handicrafts and artworks, the Weekend Market has it all. The hustle and bustle of the atmosphere create a character that is unique. Try out your haggling and bartering skills, absorb the atmosphere, and have a great evening.


Markets make up a pivotal role in the Phuket shopping scene. The fresh food market at Phuket Town has always been a great place to buy very affordable food and grocery items, and this is where the locals buy their shopping. Other important markets include the Banzaan in Patong, situated to the rear of Jungceylon. This is the ideal place to buy fresh meats and vegetables, as well as affordable clothing items.


The Phuket shopping scene is so vast that we have only provided you with a handful of options, but this is more than enough for you to get everything you want at the best prices. You just need to perfect those haggling techniques now!

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