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Krubb Bangkok is a true epicenter and hub for the Bangkok LGBTQ scene. The LGBTQ community in Thailand is one of the most thriving scenes in the world, which is non more evident than in Bangkok. Thailand is one of the true epicenters for LGBTQ lifestyle choices, making it one of the most ground-breaking nations in Asia. Do you live a LGBTQ lifestyle and want somewhere new and unique to explore in the city? Krubb Bangkok is a cool center and one-stop-shop for the LGBTQ community in the metropolis that is taking the gay scene to the next level.


Krubb Bangkok is nestled in a prime location in the heart of the city in the predominantly expat area of Sukhumvit-Phrakanong. This stylish 600sqm shop-house has been converted into an exclusive LGBTQ playground where you can interact with loads of hot lads and hunks in a discreet, yet not too discreet location. But there is way more to the venue than hooking up!

Bangkok LGBT Scene - Krubb Bangkok

The Bangkok LGBT scene is one of the most accepting in the world

Premier LGBTQ-Only Space in Bangkok

Krubb Bangkok is the first LGBTQ-only co-living and entertainment space in Thailand that combines a myriad of gay-inspired services and options. This premier establishment is one of the newest additions to the Bangkok gay scene and was only recently opened in the first quarter of 2020. The actual building has been reshaped and revamped to create a stunning ultra-modern Thai loft space that operates at high international-style standards.


This premier LGBTQ social club is extremely tech-savvy and environmentally sound to provide a safe space for its guests and members. The club merges food and drink, a social community, a fitness center, sauna and steam rooms, a health center, and other areas dedicated to activities and events.


You will find Krubb co-living spaces and eateries on the first floor where you can work play, dine or drink. “Work hard and play even harder” is the ethos of the club. If you need a bit of exercise, you can flex your stuff at their Krubb gym & cross fit corner on the 3rd floor. Make your way to the covered rooftop area to enjoy a dip in the Japanese onsen whirlpool, or replenish your soul with the onsite dry sauna and steam rooms.


There are other event and activity spaces on the 3rd and 5th floors that can used for a variety of functions, private parties or for many other reasons.

In-House Krubb Bangkok Life Center

Krubb Bangkok really does offer services and options to all members of the Bangkok gay community. Everyone from the LGBTQ in the city is welcome at Krubb Bangkok. The Krubb Life Center is one of the most innovative sections of their establishment. The center gives LGBTQ members access to HIV tests, and Prep/PEP. It also offers counselling for those with mental health problems and addictions. They are working in tandem with the local Health Department of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and other Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). Even if you are an international visitor or guest, you can still gain access to these same services for a minimal charge. It’s all about helping people. This cool space is definitely not about profits and money.


If you want to experience one of the totally immersive LGBTQ hotspots in the city, the Krubb Bangkok community is one of a kind. Nowhere else in Bangkok will you find so many gay-related services under one roof. Krubb Bangkok is redefining the gay community in Bangkok, so make sure you are a part of this fascinating new movement and business. You can find out more by visiting their Facebook page or by calling them directly via the contact details below.


Krubb Bangkok Community

Address: 1112/112 Sukhumvit road, Prakanong, Klong Toey

10260 Bangkok, Thailand

Phone: 082 359 6245

Facebook: KrubbBKK/

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