Apple New Product Announcements Next Tuesday! What to Expect?


Some Apple new product announcements are coming Tuesday 13 October 2020. But what can we expect? It is expected that the event will be focusing on the iPhone 12, but word around the campfire is there are probably more things in store.


As we get closer to the biggest consumer time of the year in the run-up to Christmas, it will be interesting to see what Apple has to offer for the festive season. The Apple new product announcements are always eagerly awaited by the consumerism masses.

Apple New Product Launch - Could this be the iPhone 12?

The Apple new product announcement is expected to be the iPhone 12

Apple New Products Launch?

Routinely, Apple new product launches happen in September. But this year they are running a bit late. Apple did announce some new watches and iPads last month, but it’s expected that the big announcements will happen next week. The event will take place at 7 pm US Eastern Time.


The rumor says that Apple is releasing four iPhones this October. They are expected to be the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Prom, and the iPhone Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 12 Launch? New Product Announcement

The new iPhone 12 is expected to have three cameras on the back

Apple New Product Rumors

It’s being reported that the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will have screens that are 6.1 inches. The iPhone 12 mini will be the smallest phone Apple will be releasing this year. And in contrast, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will have the largest screen ever at 6.7 inches. Experts are saying that the Apple new product ranges will get the new A14 chip, which will help them to run faster and efficiently.


Analysts are saying that Apple is opting to return to certain design elements from the iPhone 4 design back in 2010 for two of the new products. This means we will be seeing squarer edges. However, the other two products will keep the same design styles we see with the iPhone 11.

Apple New Phone Features

It is being rumored that the iPhone Pro and the iPhone Pro Max will have a total of three cameras on the back. It’s believed they will have LiDAR sensors that will aid better depth perception. It will improve the quality and augmented reality and portrait pics. The other two phones will just have the standard two cameras.


It is also being reported that Apple is likely to announce its AirTags system. They are Bluetooth trackers that can be placed on keyrings and can be used via the Bluetooth functions to find your phone’s exact location and also to recharge the AirTags remotely and wirelessly.


Shopping Frenzy in the Lead Up to Christmas

2020 has indeed been the most bizarre year in living memory for many people. And although many people are saying that Christmas is canceled, they are not the brightest sparks. There will be several Apple new product launches that will fill up your Christmas shopping.


It’s highly unlikely that COVID-19 will hamper consumers in the lead up to the festive season. It will be interesting to catch the Apple new product announces next week to get confirmation on the tidbits of information we are seeing surface across the internet.

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