What’s the Best Burger in Phuket?


Are you on the quest to find the best burger in Phuket? Burgers are foods of the gods, just like bacon sandwiches. If you are looking to find the best Phuket burger, you are in luck.


The great news is that Phuket’s Best Burger Contest has been rescheduled and will finally be taking place on the island in November. The 6th annual Phuket’s Best Burger contest was originally planned for earlier this year but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can click here to see the full event listing for the burger Contest.

Phuket Burger Contest - Phuket Events

Best Burger in Phuket Competition

Are you a restaurant in Phuket who makes a mean burger? But how good are your burgers? Did you mum tell you they were good, or are they top-class? If the hype about your burgers is true, maybe you have what it takes to enter Phuket Best Burger contest 2020. The best burger in Phuket is quite the accolade and could help your establishment elevate its name in the Phuket dining scene.


The Phuket Best Burger contest will be taking place at Blue Tree Phuket at Cherngtalay on 14 November 2020. Whether you are a burger maker or burger devourer, you will be in for a treat this November and should get out there to support the event.

Thailand Burger Contest in Phuket

Are you looking for a top-notch burger in Phuket? Make sure you visit the contest.

Finding the Best Burger in Phuket

If you are simply looking to find a top-notch burger in Phuket just for your own self-gratification, we feel you. With so many great restaurants in Phuket, it can sometimes be difficult to find the best options that suit you. Patong beach alone has hundreds of restaurants. And whether you are here on holiday or live here long-term, it’s always important to know the best dining spots.


When you need to find the best burger on the island, you seriously need to visit Blue Tree Phuket this November. The contest will showcase the best selection of handpicked burgers from the best Phuket restaurants. From smaller eateries to restaurants in 5-star hotels. There were a total of 27 burgers that entered last year’s contest and the same was true of this year’s event until the pandemic brought that to a close. However, where there’s a will there’s a way. You can’t stop natural forces.

What makes a great burger?

What makes a great burger? The taste of course! It might not be Haute cuisine, but all the elements need to come together perfectly to create a stunning burger. From the bun and the meat used in the burger to the types of garnish, everything has to be on point.


In a competition to find a great burger, presentation is also a must. Not only must it have quality ingredients and taste great, but it also has to look great. Especially if you are presenting it to judges.


This year there will also be a vegan category. We live in a new and interesting world, and there is nothing more unique that a vegan burger.


There will be a change in judging this year as well. Last year’s event saw five professional judges making the decision. This year, the audience in attendance will score each burger on its merits. This will give a clearer and more honest result hopefully. The audience scoring the burgers will also give the contest an extra level of interactivity.


Do you want to show the world how great your burgers are? Or are you simply looking to find the best burger in Phuket? Either way, you seriously need to get down to Blue Tree Phuket to support this event in November. The worst-case scenario is you will find out about a whole new selection of tasty burgers in Phuket.

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