TikTok Ban Delayed as Company Gets Reprieve


The much-publicized TikTok ban was temporarily delayed on Sunday 28 September 2020. The Chinese app got a lifeline this weekend when a Federal judge issued a preliminary injunction against the US government’s decision to ban the app being downloaded.


If you have been following the story, you will already know that the ban was planned to come into force on Sunday night. However, the judicial decision has given the app a bit of time to collect its thoughts in a final last-ditch attempt to halt the banning of downloads.

Donald Trump US Toktok Ban might be in trouble

The DOnald Trump led US TikTok ban could be in trouble because court ruling

Is TikTok Ban a Matter of National Security?

TikTok had a minor win on Sunday by delaying the ban. The company has already stated that the TikTok ban would seriously begin to erode at its business worldwide.


Vanessa Pappa, the interim chief of TikTok, write on Twitter, “I am very happy that the court has granted an injunction preventing the implementation of the ban that would have prohibited new users to download the app. We will continue to seek to protect the rights of our users, partners, artists, employees, businesses, and creators.”

President Trump TikTok Ban

President Trump has been trying to force ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese-owned parent company to sell the app. The driving force behind that idea is that ByteDance might be pressured from the Chinese government to conform to their wishes. And although it is being reported that ByteDance has hatched a deal with Oracle and Walmart, the details are yet to be confirmed. There have been numerous conflicting comments since the deal was first being talked about in the media last week.


At this moment in time, it’s unclear whether the Chinese government will sign off on the deal. Although the US Government is happy with the deal. Many people in China are unhappy about President Trump’s strong-arming ByteDance. Forcing a TikTok ban is being seen as an attack on the country’s tech sector and putting it in the hands of the Americans.

Future for TikTok Ban in the West

It’s been a very interesting few months watching this story develop. The TikTok ban being enforced by President Trump has initiated some contesting views. Is it ethical for the US president to force companies to conform to his wishes? Pro-Americans will believe it’s okay. Others believe it’s not his right to force companies to comply with his wishes.


However, the TikTok ban has been lifted for a while and will give the Chinese app a bit of respite. It will be interesting to see President Trump does next.


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