Two Long Holiday Weekends to Boost Thai Travel


The Thai government is trying hard to boost domestic Thai travel and tourism. As international travel is virtually obsolete at this moment in time, steps are being taken to drive more domestic tourism.


The Thai cabinet has approved two long-weekend holidays to stimulate tourism. These two holidays were the idea of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha - Boosting Thai Travel

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha approves new Thai travel holidays

Thai Travel Boost with Long Weekend Holidays

The Thai cabinet met on Tuesday 22 September 2020 to discuss the possibility of the two long weekend holidays. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said that the government has approved the idea. This is to boost Thai travel and the economy in the wake of COVID-19.


The two long-weekends are planned to take place in November and December. The first long-weekend is set to take place on 19-22 November 2020. That will be from Thursday the 19th to Sunday the 22nd. The second of the long-weekend will take place from 13 November to 1 December 2020. Both sets of holidays are planned to coincide with the school holidays. Which runs from 13 November to 1 December.

Thai Travel Long Weekend Holidays in November and December

These two long-weekend holidays hope to boost Thai travel tourism

Family Holidays to Boost Thai Travel

The holidays are planned to boost family Thai travel throughout November. Because of the school holidays, it is surmised that families will be able to take some trips and holidays together.


School holidays were pushed forward from October to November because of COVID-19. Many schools started back a month later than usual, which has seen the knock-on effect on the mid-term holidays.


The Bangkok Post report that Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, the Tourism, and Sports Minister, said that he hopes the holidays would spur domestic Thai travel and boost the local economies.

Delayed National Holidays

Because of the two long-weekend holidays, other national holidays have been pushed back slightly. The original date for Father’s Day was 7 December 2020. But now, that date has been pushed back until 11 December. This will create another long holiday from 10-13 December.


The two long-weekend holidays should encourage more people to travel. Especially families. The TAT and other agencies have been looking for ways to boost domestic Thai travel. It’s important to boost local tourism as Thailand hasn’t had the same problems with the pandemic that we see across Northern Europe and the USA.


Time will tell if the idea will work. It needs to be highly promoted across Thailand. And how many people have surplus cash to spend for outbound pursuits amidst the current economic climate? Who knows! But we will find out next month. Let’s get out there to help boost Thai travel and the economy in November.

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