Bikini Beach Race 2020 @ Pattaya Beach


If you are visiting Pattaya Beach in October, you might be in for a treat. The Bikini Beach Race 2020 will be taking place on Halloween in Pattaya and promises to lift the spirits at this very important time.


It has been a very difficult time in 2020 for everyone in Thailand from locals to ex-pats. The lack of tourism die to COVID-19 lockdowns has affected everyone. The Bikini Beach Race 2020 at Pattaya Beach could be a great way to lift morale and attract some visitors to the Pattaya region for Halloween.

Pattaya Beach - Bikini Beach Run 2020

The Bikini Beach Run at Pattaya Beach promises to be a fun event

Bikini Beach Race Fun on Pattaya Beach

Nobody thought the 5th annual Bikini Beach Race 2020 would take place this year, but it will be held on 31 October 2020. A meeting held by the Deputy Mayor Ronnakit Eakkasing discussed the event and how it can safely take place at Pattaya Beach.


Talking to The Pattaya News, the deputy mayor discussed that the event is being held to boost local tourism during these trying times.  Easing also Eakkasing told the news outlet that both Thais and foreigners will be allowed to enter the event. And that boots will be set up close to the event at Central Festival Pattaya where you can register.


The event will have a Halloween theme with glow in the dark masks and other features to celebrate this spooky time of the year. Many people would say that all of 2020 has been spooky and apocalyptic. But hopefully, all of that is soon to change.

Stunning Pattaya Beach - Pattaya Events

Pattaya Beach is ideal for a beach run or another Pattaya event

What is the Bikini Beach Race at Pattaya Beach?

The answer is exactly what it sounds like. The Bikini Beach Race is a 5k fun run on Pattaya Beach. Anyone is allowed to enter no matter your age, gender, nationality, or mental disposition. The crazier the better in fact!


Strap on your bikini or Speedos, paint your face in ghoulish fashion and head down to the beach at Halloween to take part in the fun. It sounds like a normal weekend in Pattaya for us! The event hopes to attract domestic tourists from places such as Bangkok and other surrounding regions. It’s important at this time to support local tourism more than ever before. If you want to merge fun, Halloween, exercise, and cosplay, you do not want to miss the event.

Bikini Beach Race Details

The Bikini Beach Race 2020 will be taking place directly on Pattaya beach from 6pm to 9pm on the 31 October. This day is usually one of the busiest for the Pattaya tourism scene. And as it’s unlikely international tourists will be involved, we can expect to see local Thai tourists and ex-pats attending the event.


If you are an entrant to the event, you will receive free face painting as part of the process. It promises to be lots of fun.


After the race, you can enjoy lots of other interesting features. There will be live concerts and a festival to enhance the event. There will be famous live singers and performers on stage to wow the crowds. So you do not have to be a runner to enjoy the festivities. The concerts and live performances will take place on Pattaya Beach until 11pm when the event will conclude.


Are you thinking about getting away for Halloween? Have you been missing out on Thailand events this year and want to get back to normal? The 5th annual Bikini Beach Race 2020 at Pattaya Beach promises to be the best way to celebrate Halloween. Just make sure you bring your skimpy swimwear along so you fit in. You can register on the afternoon of the event, so you do not have to plan well in advance.

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