Useful Thailand Travel Tips – Do’s and Don’ts


If you live here in the Kingdom or are on holiday, it’s always useful to have access to useful Thailand travel tips. It is important to remember that Thai social nuances are different from those in the western world. Whereas we reserve the rights in our own countries to speak out against how country affairs are conducted, Thailand is a little different.


It’s also important to respect the country where you live and its rules and values. If you want to know more about Thailand travel and what to do and not to do, check out our knowledgeable advice.

Thailand Travel Tips - Living in Thailand

You need to know many things to blend in with Thai culture

DON’T Speak Out Negatively About the Thai Royal Family


This is one of the most important Thailand travel tips you will learn. The Thai Royal Family is revered across the nation and must be treated with the utmost respect at all times. DO NOT publicly criticize the King of Thailand or any member of the Royal Family. You may find yourself with a lengthy prison sentence or at best a large fine. It has happened before to unknowing visitors and it will happen again. Beware!


DO Keep Your Feet On the Ground – Thailand Travel Tips


In Thai culture, the feet are the lowest part of the body, which is a negative thing. DO NOT use your feet to point at things or show the soles of your feet to other people. Keep the soles of your feet firmly on the ground at all times and everything will fine.


DO Not Cause a Thai to Lose Face


Thais are a non-confrontational nation who would rather smile than argue. When you are embarking on a Thailand travel mission, do not forget that. Never ridicule a Thai in private or public, because this will make them lose face. This is an important aspect of Thai culture and should always be remembered.

Thailand Travel Advice - Thailand Do's and Don'ts

You should always respect Buddhist principles when visiting a Thailand temples

DO Exercise Tolerance – Top Thailand Travel Advice


It is the norm in the western world to become visibly agitated when things don’t go our way. Communication breakdowns in Thailand can lead to heated disagreements. DO NOT lose your temper in the heat of the moment. Even if it’s a dispute over a restaurant or bar bill. Just smile, do the right thing, and you will find things work out just fine.

Thailand Travel Tips - Thai Holidays

DO NOT Stop at a Roadside Incident


Sadly enough, if you see a roadside incident such as a motorbike crash, DO NOT stop to help. Maybe this goes against your human nature and instincts. But you could find yourself being blamed for the incident. You might find yourself paying a hefty fine even though you did nothing wrong. Be warned! Be careful during your Thailand travel expedition.



DO Not Wear Skimpy Clothing in a Temple


When visiting a Buddhist Temple, wear the appropriate clothing. Skimpy clothing should be reserved for the beach and the discotheques. It is especially important that women DO NOT wear short skirts, low-cut shirts, or reveling shorts when visiting a place of worship in Thailand.


DO Check Your Laundry When Returned – Thailand Travel Tips


This is not a life or death Do or Don’t, but Thai laundry services are famous for returning the wrong items back to you. If you do not check the contents of your laundry, you might find your expensive Lacoste Polo Shirt has miraculously shapeshifted into a pair of 1980s dungarees or an 18th-century corset. It might not be the most important Thailand travel tip, but you do not want to lose your best Speedos.


DO Wai Correctly


The ‘Wai’ is the hands together greeting in Thailand. Realistically speaking, a Westerner should never Wai first to a Thai, because we are seen as being higher in society. However, if you do mistakenly Wai first to a Thai, don’t worry because they already know that we do not understand their culture properly and they will just giggle about it.


If you want to ensure your Thailand travel trip happens without any hiccups, please take heed of our Do’s and Don’ts. Our tips will ensure you have the best holiday of your life. Or will ensure that your ex-pat life is as simple as possible.

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