Pattaya Shopping Guide for Buying Groceries


Are you looking for advice on the best places to buy groceries in Pattaya? If so, you need to check out our Pattaya shopping guide for doing your daily shopping. There is nothing more exciting than sampling the local cuisine and delicacies of the places we holiday, to soak up the local flavors and ambiance of said destination. However, human beings are creatures of habit and there is nothing we like better than to eat the food we have become accustomed to in our normal daily lives in the western world.


Fortunately for us, Pattaya is home to thousands of international restaurants serving every type of food from the four corners of the globe. Sometimes we want to do a bit of grocery shopping and cook for ourselves, especially if you are staying in a villa or condo, so it’s great news that Pattaya is home to some quality supermarkets selling all your western favorites.

Pattaya Shopping Guide - Shopping in Pattaya

Big-C is one of the most popular shopping chains for local Thais

Pattaya Shopping Guide – Supermarkets


The two most affordable shopping center chains in Thailand are Big C and Tesco Lotus, and although this is where the majority of Thais do their grocery shopping, it is not always ideally suited to the western palate. You could buy your fruit and vegetables at the two above mentioned establishments. But wouldn’t you prefer a place where you can get everything under one roof? This is why we write this Pattaya shopping guide.


Central Festival, on Pattaya Beach Road, is the city’s most up-market shopping center, known as the home to all the world’s major clothing brands. On the basement floor of Central Festival, you will find the Tops Supermarket, selling all manner of imported meats from New Zealand and Australia, alongside a wide selection of pre-packaged meals such as Spaghetti Bolognese and so on. No doubt that Tops is one of Pattaya’s most chic and westernized supermarkets and the high prices also reflect the standard.

Grocery Shopping in Central Pattaya

Two of the most popular supermarkets in the region with ex-pats, and sometimes overlooked by holidaymakers, are Foodland on the north-side of Pattaya Klang (Central Pattaya Road) and Friendship, which is located at the southern end of Pattaya Tai (South Pattaya Road). Both supermarkets have a massive choice of western delicacies from Norwegian salmon, imported cheeses and wines from France, and a wide variety of cold-cut meats. The bakery area at Foodland is a great place to purchase freshly-bread and cakes. If you are looking for a no-nonsense grocery shop with a price that’s right, Friendship and Foodland are the best.


Villa Market, known as one of Thailand’s biggest western food market brands, has a shop in The Avenue complex, next to Macdonald’s on 2nd Road between Pattaya Tai and Pattaya Klang. Villa Market is similar to Foodland and is a convenient place to buy all your western groceries.


Naklua Seafood Market – Pattaya Shopping Guide

Naklua Seafood Market - Pattaya Shopping Guide

Naklua Seafood Market is one of the most popular markets in Pattaya

When wandering about in the city, you will encounter lots of local delis, some dedicated to French or Scandinavian products, while others cover all western needs. These are great places to grab some quick provisions, but are not ultimately geared towards a ‘big shop’.


However, if you want to find some fresh local produce, this Pattaya shopping guide recommends the Naklua Seafood Market. Head towards Naklua, which is at the north end of Pattaya Beach and you will find Naklua Seafood Market. This market is open every day and night of the week and is home to some of the most amazingly fresh seafood in Pattaya. The prices are cheap, and the shoppers are local. This is how you know this is a great place to buy all your seafood items from prawns and shrimps to fish and lobster.


There are so many options for grocery shopping in Pattaya. Our Pattaya shopping guide will give you an insight into the best places to shop for food if you are an ex-pat or a holidaymaker looking for the best options.


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