Finding Bargains @ Phuket Weekend Market


The Phuket Weekend Market has long been the premier market on the island. Situated in the heart of Phuket Town, near Jui Jui temple, is Phuket’s weekend market that is named Jatujak. This market is the only place to go if you want to experience what shopping in Thailand is really like.


The market is open on Saturday from 5pm and on a Sunday at 4pm on both days. Phuket Weekend Market stays open until around 8pm or when the last customer leaves.

Phuket Weekend Market - Phuket Shopping

The Phuket Weekend Market is one of the most authentic shopping experiences

Exploring Phuket Weekend Market

At the Phuket Weekend Market, you will find anything you could ever wish for at a fraction of the price of what stores or markets charge near in the tourist areas and the beach resorts.


There are approximately 10 rows of market stalls creating walkways of around 200 meters in length. Arriving early means you can walk more freely but that is not to say that arriving later is a bad thing. When it starts to get dark, the mixtures of colored and clear lights of each market stall lights up. Music is played by locals and the aromas of delicious Thai food and effervescent atmosphere fills the air. This is a slice of real Thai life, which makes a trip to the market so exciting and insightful.

Phuket Shopping – Lots of Options

At Phuket Weekend Market, there are 4 or 5 rows of stalls, all selling tasty Thai snacks and meals freshly prepared and served by locals. Noodles, seafood, and Thai curries such as Massaman and Penang can be found here. Dishes may be cheap in price but they are priceless in terms of quality. Do as the locals do and eat on the move or sit side by side with other market-goers as is the norm in Thailand.


Stalls sell an array of goods such as designer clothing, toys, pet lizards, snakes, puppies and kittens, jewelry and even antiques. As you make your way from stall to stall, you are greeted by the smiling happy faces of the local sellers who are always happy to engage in conversation. The great aspect of the market is that it is the ritualistic destination of the locals, every single weekend. The organized chaos of a Thai market is one experience you have to see, smell, and feel for yourself, at least once in your lifetime.

Phuket Weekend Market - Thailand Shopping

When you want to shop with the locals, the Phuket Weekend Market is the best choice

Getting Close to Locals @ Phuket Weekend Market

As Phuket Weekend Market is frequented by locals, the prices are set to reflect that. Therefore, you are guaranteed to pick up a bargain. Although if you want to really get into the market mood, haggling is common practice and a great way to enjoy your time here.


As you make your way towards the center of the market, there is a large tree that has been used as the base for the market’s open bar area. As it gets darker and the stars brighten in the sky, on come the tree’s multi-colored lights. Take a seat either at the carved teak bar, which is shaded by the market’s large tree, and order a cold drink. Sitting there is another attraction in itself, especially for people-watching. Guests can enjoy a range of cool Thai beers, soft drinks and cocktails and absorb the hustle and bustle of a truly amazing Thai market.


Phuket Weekend Market is easily one of the most intriguing markets on the island. It’s a place where you will find lots of locals. This gives the market a real authentic ambiance that is unmatched in tourism areas such as Patong. If you want to experience a real slice of Thai market life, this is a place you cannot afford to miss.

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