Tips for Motorbike and Car Rentals in Pattaya


Are you looking for advice in regards to motorbike and car rentals in Pattaya? Human beings are driven by exploration. Whether it’s interstellar space, alternate dimensions, our murky subconscious, or circumnavigating the far reaches of this big watery ball that circles the gargantuan orange fiery thing. When on holiday, it’s great to use the local transportation systems. But nothing can compare to renting your own car or motorbike to explore at your own time and pace.


Pattaya is the proverbial melting pot of car and bike hire companies. So, how do we safely rent a car or bike with the minimum amount of fuss with the most trusted rental companies in the region? Well, pop on your driving gloves, strap a rabbit’s foot to your forehead, grow a pair of eyes in the back of your cranium, and enjoy the ride. Here are some step-by-step tips for motorbike and car rentals in Pattaya.

Motorbike and Car Rentals in Pattaya - Renting Vehicles in Thailand

Here are some of the best options for motorbike and car rentals in Pattaya

Step #1 – Find a Reputable Company for Motorbike and Car Rentals in Pattaya

Finding a reputable rental company sounds easy enough, right? Well, considering that every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to have a car or bike for rent in Pattaya makes it’s a potential minefield. We strongly suggest that you stick to the best companies that have a great track record of renting vehicles.


Recommended companies for motorbike and car rentals in Pattaya:


  1. Pattaya Rent-a-Car (Jomtien)


Phone: 083 077 6928


  1. Holiday Rent-a-Car


Phone: 038 426 203


  1. DC Rent-a-Car

(Need contacts)


Recommended motor bike rental companies in Pattaya:


  1. Nam Motorbike Rentals (Jomtien)

(need the contact details)


  1. Pattaya Rent-a-Bike


Phone: 083 077 6928


  1. Motorbike Station


Phone: 085 250 0817

Step #2 – How to Rent a Vehicle in Thailand

Now we have found a trusted rental provider, it is important to know a few things before signing on the dotted line. Always make sure the company you rent from has Third Party Insurance. Which all our recommended choices do. Another important thing to remember, especially at this moment in time, is never leave your passport with a rental company. A photocopy of your passport should suffice. But if not, move on until you find a company that does accept a photocopy. As the owner of a passport, you should never leave it with a rental company, no matter how much they protest that you need to. Also make sure to bring your driving license along, as it might be needed to secure a deal for car rentals in Pattaya.


Prior to taking the car/bike, make sure you check the interior and exterior for any damage. And if you find some, inform the rental company before agreeing to anything. Or the damage could be unknowingly blamed on you, which could cost you money. Most car companies will expect that you pay a deposit, which could later be used for any damages you might incur. So please bear that in mind.

Car Rentals in Pattaya - Renting a Car in Pattaya

You can get some great deals in regards to motorbike and car rentals in Pattaya

Step #3 – Be Careful on the Road – Motorbike and Car Rentals in Pattaya

Now you are in possession of a rental car/bike, it’s a good time to remind you to be careful when driving on Thai roads. They drive on the left-hand-side and very rarely use their indicators or any form of road etiquette that you might be accustomed to driving in the western world. Drive slowly, safely, keep your eyes peeled, and use your common sense. Otherwise, have a great time exploring Pattaya in your own time.


Make sure you choose one of the most reputable companies when it comes to motorbike and car rentals in Pattaya. It’s always best to air on the side of caution and reliability in every aspect of driving or renting vehicles in Thailand.

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