Exploring Khao San Road Bangkok


One of the most famous places that tourists love to visit is Khao San Road Bangkok. Known as one of the best value for money areas in Bangkok city that has been attracting backpackers and budget tourists for 25-years, Khao San is the home of affordable restaurants, budget hostels and hotels, and lots of cut-price shopping options.


If you are looking to keep the spending to a minimum while you are here in Bangkok, check out our guide to visiting Khao San Road Bangkok.


About Khao San Road Bangkok

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Khao San Road is one of the most popular streets in the city

Khao San Road firstly made a name for itself with backpackers and tourists back in the 1980s. This area was home to some of the first guesthouses in the city and since has become a cool and trendy place for the new age crowd. Hippies were first attracted to the area in the 1970s on their way to Krabi and Phuket, but it wasn’t until the 80s that the street started to take shape in a tourism sense.


As with most cities, Bangkok can be quite an expensive place to visit, but even in today’s holiday climate where tourists get less for their dollars, Khao San Road has managed to retain its affordability and charm. Let us point you towards some of the best things to do while you are on Khaosan Road Bangkok.


Reasons to visit Khao San Road

Even if you have a large budget when visiting Bangkok, a trip over to Khaosan Road is essential. There are some fantastic bars and restaurants on ‘the road’ with some of the most competitive pricing in the city.


Khaosan Road is home to a great selection of cool and trendy hippie-style bars where you can find immensely competitive ‘happy hours’ where alcoholic beverages can be obtained for approximately 50 THB. We have not listed any Khao San Road bars because the names and owners of the bars routinely change, but if you are looking for a night out drinking with the most inexpensive prices, Khao San is pretty much unbeatable.


One of the most exciting aspects of visiting Bangkok is being able to sample some amazingly cheap yet fantastic Thai food delights. The road is lined with delicious and affordable street food vendors. If you want to try out a stunning Pad Thai on the street-side, visiting the food stalls on Khaosan is an absolute must.


Even if you want to east a sit-down Thai meal in a real restaurant, Khao San Road Bangkok is home to some of the most inexpensive Thai eateries in a tourist area. Come along to Khao San to sample a stunning Tom Yam Kung for the first time or to sample a delicious Thai delicacy or curry for an unbeatable price.


Bangkok Attractions - Khao San Road

Day or night, there is always something to do on Khao San Road

You can also find some affordable food or goods at the Khao San Road Night Market. If you are looking for souvenirs, clothes, or even handicrafts, visiting the market is a must.

Affordable Khao San Road

The other main reason why so many people visit Khao San Road is to take advantage of the immensely affordable accommodation options on offer. You can find beds in hostels and affordable hotel rooms without air-con for less than 300 THB per night. You can even find hotel rooms with air-con for approximately 500 THB per night.


Some tourists opt to stay on Khao San Road for a couple of nights to enjoy the nightlife and cheap restaurants and hotels, while also exploring nearby tourist attractions such as the Grand Palace. Tourists sometimes spend a couple of nights in the area and then a couple of nights in a more upscale area such as Sukhumvit Road or Silom.


Finding Khao San Road Bangkok

Khao San Road enjoys a very central location in the heart of Bangkok. The street is situated just a block away from an area called Rattanakosin near to the Chao Phraya River in an area that is sometimes referred to as ‘Banglamphu’.


The name ‘Khao San’ translates as ‘milled rice’, because the street was an epicenter for the rice trade throughout the 19th century until the 70s. In this day and age, the street is driven more by tourism.


Are you are looking to explore one of the most famous and popular tourist areas in the Bangkok metropolis? Not many places can match Khao San Road Bangkok for its hustle and bustle, affordability, and inexpensive bars and hotels.


Khaosan Road Bangkok

GPS location: 13.758845, 100.497376

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