Is Eating Healthy in Thailand Possible?

Is eating healthy in Thailand possible? Not everyone is a bonafide carnivore. I know, it’s true, not everyone is a blood-thirsty primordial meat-lover. Eating red meat is not very good for you, especially for your bowels. And it’s definitely not good for the animals. But if God didn’t want us to eat animals, why did he make them meat flavored? God moves in mysterious ways. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to eat healthily. All you have to do is exercise control and discipline with your eating habits.


Eating Healthy in Thailand

Eating Healthy in Thailand Food

Is is easy eating healthy in Thailand or difficult?

There is a new health-conscious ethos sweeping the globe. This is the exact reason why glutinous fast-food outlets such as McDonald’s are struggling with their profit margins across the world.


You would think it would be easy eating healthy in Thailand, but I myself struggle to find food that is not fried. I have been told numerous times that Thai food is healthy, but let’s be honest, how many of their dishes are not flash or deep-fried? Not many. Rice in itself is very glutinous and stodgy, and is never the ideal staple to base your life around whether steamed or not! Thai food is phenomenally tasty, but not so healthy.


Thai Food is Tasty but Not Healthy


I love Thai food, I do. However, all manner of sugar and artificial flavorings such as Monosodium Gluconate (MSG) are routinely found in the most famous and most eaten Thai dishes. We look at Thai people and see small frames and thin bodies and naturally assume that their diet of Thai food is the reason for this. It is probably more down to the fact that Thai people eat little portions but often throughout the day. This is perfect for your digestive system and could contribute to the low levels of obesity we see in Thailand. But eating healthy in Thailand? Not really!

Thailand Food

There are still many options available for eating healthy in Thailand

With Thai food not being as healthy as we once thought, this can create a real dilemma for those who want to eat healthy on holiday. Or more importantly for those ex-pats who live here and want to consume healthy food daily. The problem with most holiday destinations is that there is so much temptation on offer. But with that temptation is a lot of choices, especially in the more touristy destinations such as Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok, Koh Samui, and Chiang Mai. If you are a westerner in the more rural areas, you might find it difficult to track down healthy food options.


Healthy Eating in a Tropical Climate


However, the beauty of being in a tropical climate is the sheer amount of amazing fruits on offer. Almost every restaurant in Bangkok and Pattaya serves stunning fruit shakes. Which is the healthiest way to start your day? Take a trip to a local supermarket or a fruit-selling vendor where you will find all manner of mangoes, coconuts, and local fruits.


If you absolutely have to be eating healthy in Thailand in the evening, we would highly recommend some of Bangkok’s and Pattaya’s most popular seafood restaurants. Seafood is one of the least fatty food sources in Thailand. And it’s delicious too! Seafood is some of the healthiest food in the world and is the perfect healthy substitute for red meat. Many varieties of fish are available, such as grouper, snapper, and more, coming in a wide variety of steamed dishes with sweet and sour sauces or plum sauces.


If you are looking for some recommendations for the best places to eat healthy in Bangkok, TripAdvisor has some great choices. We are also currently writing a list of the best 20 healthy eating restaurants in Thailand that will be live in the next week or. Eating healthy in Thailand is possible, but as delicious as Thai food is it’s mainly fried.