Pattaya Night Markets You Must Visit


There are numerous Pattaya night markets that make shopping in the city so much fun. You might have been shopping in many places around the world, which is all fine and dandy, but until you have shopped in Thailand, it’s all like child’s play in comparison.


There is nothing that epitomizes that special Thai feeling like visiting a night market. In Pattaya, we have quite a few night markets that sell all manner of goods, from clothing and fashion items, electronics, local souvenirs and handicrafts, and especially food items. It really is like Aladdin’s Cave of delights and bargains that you won’t find anywhere else.


Although many tourists love visiting Pattaya shopping malls such as Central Festival, visiting local markets is more authentic. You get to see real Thai people and culture right in front of your eyes. It’s better than any Western-style shopping center.


If you want an authentic Thai shopping experience, here is a handpicked selection of Pattaya night markets to visit.


Thepprasit Road Weekend Market – Largest Pattaya Night Markets

Pattaya Night Markets

Thepprasit Road Weekend Market is one of the most popular Pattaya night markets

There is only one true heir to the throne as Pattaya’s night market royalty, and that is the weekend market on Thepprasit Road. This popular Phuket night market takes place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening from 5pm. This amazing market is where all the locals and ex-pats in the know go to buy their goods.


Home to everything you could possibly imagine, Thepprasit Road Market is something of a legend in the city. No holiday to Pattaya is complete without a pilgrimage to this jaw-dropping market. Further down the road, there is also a second-hand market that is also quite interesting. You can find some real gems on the second-hand market if you are willing to snoop about. It really is a fulfilling experience.


Jomtien Beach Night Market

Jomtien Beach Night Market

Jomtien Beach Night Market is a fun experience for families

Smack bang in the middle of Jomtien Beach Road, this market is a great one for those of you staying in Jomtien. Home to about five rows of stalls selling electronics and fashion goods, alongside food and drink, this is a great place to bring your family, as there is a bouncy castle and all manner of bars and wholesome fun. The market takes place every evening and is a great area to shop or sit with a beer and people-watch. If you are looking for a fun Saturday night experience with your family or friends with food, shopping, and drinking, go to Jomtien Beach Night Market.


Pattaya Beach Road Markets

Pattaya Beach Road Markets

There are hundreds of Pattaya beach road market stalls

If you are holidaying in the heart of Pattaya City, all the market stalls you need are on Pattaya Beach Road. And although they are open all day as well, they make for the perfect place to get everything from clothing items, electronic goods, and local souvenirs in a central location. These markets tend to cater more for foreign tourists so the prices might be a little high, but they are the most accessible for tourists without too much hassle.


Russian Market on Pratumnak – Pattaya Night Markets

For those of you staying on Pratumnak Hill, the Russian Night Market is the place to be. Situated on Soi 6 of Pratumnak, this market is centrally located between Jomtien and Pattaya and offers a vibrant experience. I always find that the prices of goods are slightly higher than on Thepprasit Road Market, but its central location makes it a great place to visit for a couple of hours. You will find the same choice of clothing items, food, drink, souvenirs, and local handicrafts. This is a very fun experience and one of the most vibrant Pattaya night markets.


The Pattaya shopping scene is one that really does appeal to foreign tourists and visitors. However, if you are looking for something a bit more local, these Pattaya night markets are fun places to visit. And in the large offer an authentic Thai shopping experience, especially at the Thepprasit Weekend Night Market.

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