Which Are The Best Pattaya Clubs

Where offers the best music, coolest Pattaya Clubs and cheapest drinks in Pattaya; the famously-vibrant beach city, just 150km from Bangkok.

Not many people head to Pattaya for a peaceful weekend getaway or a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Just a two-hour drive from the Thai capital brings you to Pattaya, a resort city with beaches, seafood, water sports and just as much nighttime action as the best of Bangkok nightlife. With so many Pattaya clubs and bars to choose from, where guarantees a great night out with the best music, DJs and most significant events? 

Pattaya Clubs: Club Insomnia

Thailand Pattaya Events, Activities in Thailand, Things to do in Pattaya Thailand. Pattaya Event Guide - Thailand Event Guide
Thailand Pattaya Events, Activities in Thailand, Things to do in Pattaya Thailand. Pattaya Event Guide – Thailand Event Guide

Probably the busiest and liveliest venue on Pattaya’s famous Walking Street, Club Insomnia is a stylish venue with high-end sound equipment and some of the best EDM in Thailand. The club is well known throughout the country and tends to be the go-to venue for after-hours partying in Pattaya city. The resident DJs play a healthy mix of EDM, energized dance, heavy-bass techno and guest international DJs can be found hitting up specialized monthly events. Expect laser shows, VIP areas, elevated dance platforms, intense lighting and 6 bars to buy an impressive range of reasonably priced drinks. The coordinated light shows are a big talking point of Club Insomnia Pattaya, encouraging the hedonists of the evening to indeed lose themselves into the early hours of the night which is quite easy to do considering the leading club doesn’t open until 23:00. Mainly on the wild side, private dancers can also be found on podiums, with VIP areas, central DJ stations and multiple Pattaya clubs and bars to choose. Dress codes don’t exist at Insomnia and fun, freedom and lots of dancing is greatly encouraged. 

808 Club

Another Walking Street hotspot, 808 Club is basically a Pattaya institution. Located above the Pattaya-famous ‘Candy Shop’ venue, visitors can take a trip up an illuminated escalator to get to the heart of the action. Opening back in 2014, 808 Pattaya has an impressively large dancefloor, fantastic sound system and a centralized bar that is convenient for a big night of both boozing and dancing. 808 Pattaya showcases an impressive selection of international DJs and events, specializing in House and EDM music. Enjoy an elevated dance floor that directly faces the DJ booth and revel in another strong effort of lasers and fantastic light shows. When it all gets a bit much, 808 have got a very comfortable terrace that overlooks Walking Street. Take a seat, soak up the live sport on TV screens or opt for a spot of Shisha from a comprehensive in-house shisha menu.

Pattaya Clubs: The Pier

Surprise, surprise, another Walking Street nightclub. The Pier is in the central heart of this famed Pattaya district and is quite a recent addition to the local club scene. The Pier is flashy, over the top and attracts quite a young crowd but that being said, anybody and everybody tends to be welcome at all of the large Pattaya venues. A two-storey site, The Pier houses a large dance floor, modern sound system, exotic dancers, TV screens and chic and polished interior. Expect funky house, trance, house and EDM music, all provided by celebrated resident DJs and consistent appearances from international headliners. The Pier has one of the giant LCD screens in Pattaya and has imported audio and visual equipment that enhances the overall experience. Open seven days a week and home to the famous coyote dancers, the Pier is eager to be recognized as the ultimate Pattaya club experience in Pattaya.

Bone, North Pattaya

Most definitely the most extensive and flashiest Nightclub in North Pattaya, Bone could also give other nightclubs in Thailand a run for their money. This massive music venue promises one of the best clubbing experiences in the country and is home to one of the most expensive and reliable sound systems in the area. Everything about Bone is over the top, but in the right way, with the extensive 4D LED chandelier understandably regarded as the focal point of this large venue. Bone Pattaya regularly hosts exciting parties and events, doing a great job of securing appearances from famous local and international DJs. Bone is unapologetically flashy and can accommodate up to 2000 people. Openly after the ‘No.1 Nightclub in the World’ accolade, Bone is one of these Pattaya clubs which makes grand efforts with guest appearances, regular events, a gigantic LED screen, VIP zones and signature cocktails crafted by expert mixologists. 

Pattaya Clubs: Flexx Club Pattaya

Getting a bit fed up of the EDM and trance clubs in Pattaya? Flexx Club offers a bit of fresh air music-wise, offering a good selection of Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and Rap. Also found on Walking Street, Flexx is the perfect option for the urban music lover in Thailand. Open seven nights a week, Flexx flaunts the best in local DJs and MCs who play a right mix of floor fillers and underground favourites. Known to steer away from commercial music, Flexx attracts the real urban music lovers in Pattaya, providing a large dancefloor, excellent equipment and a lively crowd. 

Mixx Discotheque

It is glitzy and glamorous, but as the enormous nightly crowds prove, Mixx is also extremely fun. Boasting an upmarket interior, flashy fittings and lavish seating, Mixx Discotheque offers up two large rooms playing the best in international party music. You can buy some excellent selection of drinks is on offer at this ‘up-market’ Pattaya venue, and the cocktails are known to be particularly impressive. Party revellers have the option of purchasing large bottles of spirits which can also be taken to VIP seating areas. Mixx is known for hosting a dynamic range of events and has regularly presented an impressive array of guest DJs. The good thing about Mixx (if the name doesn’t give it away) are the internal choice of venues that are split between music preference, providing an eclectic mix (get it?) all night long. House and Techno music lovers can head to the ‘Crystal Palace’ with Urban and Hip-Hop fans probably better suited to the ‘Rogue Club’. Entry to Mixx is free and opens nightly from 9 pm.

Tony’s Indian Club / Ankor Pattaya

Tony is a bit of a Walking Street legend, owning and running a collection of gyms and hotels nearby. His entertainment effort brings ‘Ankor Indian Disco’ to the area and is usually regarded as the best Indian Nightclub in Pattaya. The club takes on a Middle-Eastern vibe, which is paired with an excellent opportunity for shisha sampling on the ground floor. Music at the venue steps out of the stereotype, and local and international DJs supply a right mix of trance, EDM, hip hop and house. The place stays open late (or early) and attracts a well-mixed clientele. Head to the upstairs area of this large Nightclub to be in the centre of the action and enjoy an attractive balcony that overlooks Walking Street.

Marine Disco

Marine Disco Pattaya is one of the oldest nightclubs in Chonburi and has since become a bit of a legend on the nightlife circuit. Operating for many decades and recognized as the original Nightclub of Pattaya, Marine Disco is centrally located on (wait for it) Walking Street. Admittedly, it had enjoyed so much success due to the lack of neighbouring clubs when it first opened but has since been overtaken by the more popular and contemporary venues. However, recently modernized and renovated, Marine Disco is one of the most massive places on Walking Street and tends to keep the partying going until around 6 am on weekends. Before pulling in the party-goers that are ready to keep going in the early hours, Marine tends to attract the older expatriates and Thai visitors from Bangkok. The large venue has a large dance floor, lots of seating areas, a few pool tables and a well-stocked, reasonably priced bar. Expect EDM and House music at Marine Disco, with a nightly live band kicking off the nightly celebrations before midnight.

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