The 7 Bangkok Bars for an Obsession

The Seven Best Bangkok Bars for a total crush shows an impressive hangout list. Bangkok is home to some of the largest tourist districts in the whole of Asia, if not the World. Sometimes it is nice to escape the endless crowds, thirsty for buckets and Chang and indulge in some of the most creative and innovative bar venues that Bangkok has to offer. If you are tired with the endless beer tower promos and looking for premium-signature cocktails curated by expert bartenders and mixologists, then the new wave of ‘Secret Bangkok Bars’ is the way into your nightlife.

We did some research and found the seven best bars for a total crush night in style in Bangkok. We guide you to the best speakeasy and hidden bars of Bangkok, tucked far away from the hustle and bustle of the Bangkok tourists, offering some of the best and award-winning drinks that Bangkok offers.

Seven bars in Bangkok you do not want to miss. Thailand Event Guide
Seven bars in Bangkok you do not want to miss. Thailand Event Guide

J. Boroski, Bangkok Thonglor

J. Boroski in the Thonglor district is one of these Bangkok bars we’d like to talk about and that packs everything that a right speakeasy bar should have. An extremely hidden entrance, great location, stunning interior and incredible selection of cocktails. The brainchild of the New York mixologist Joseph Boroski, the master bartender, finally set up secret locations for serious drinkers in Bangkok and Hong Kong after a good-run with award-winning drinking establishments. The bar is so hidden, to find the place takes some inside discovery, but nowhere that a few Google searches can’t lead you there. What we can tell you is that even when you reach the right soi, identifying the entrance is another challenge in itself…one that deserves a stiff drink at the end. 

Upon entry, you are captivated with stunning decor, sheer sophistication and a bar that looks just as serious about style as it is its drinks. Ashley Sutton designed this bar. Surround yourself with apothecary cabinets. Dim candle-light illuminates the venue. The cocktail experience at J. Boroski Bangkok is bespoke. It is exceptional, and it is personal, with a drink presented following an informal consultation regarding your favourite flavours and spirits. There is no menu here, and each sip is an innovative and handcrafted creation, based on your taste. Of course, service like this doesn’t come cheap, and J. Boroski isn’t the most affordable watering hole in Bangkok, but the style, surroundings and sheer quality of the crafted cocktails here definitely make it worth it. 

Ku Bar, Bangkok Rattanakosin

Another one of these Bangkok bars is Ku Bar. If the recipe to a successful hidden Bangkok bar is a subtle entrance that masks grand and elegant interiors, Ku Bar turns this method entirely on its head and delivers an incredibly useful and minimalistic approach. Part of the fun is locating Ku Bar, and admittedly, it is quite hard to find. Situated in a small alley, surrounded by deserted buildings and abandoned industrialism, the candle-lit welcome when Ku Bar is finally located is hugely appreciated. The no-frills and very cool bar is minimal yet inviting and home to a creative and monthly-rotating cocktail menu. The venue is incredibly intimate, and the stripped-back surroundings create a relaxing environment that is perfect for discussing desired recipes with the expert bar staff. Music is ambient, ingredients are plentiful, and once you have found Ku Bar, it can be tough to leave.

Interestingly, the cocktails combine premium spirits with local ingredients, and some of the concoctions created at Ku Bar are unique yet very delicious. The combination of such individual factors makes it easy to see why Ku Bar has quickly become a strong contender for one of Bangkok’s coolest bars. Seating is in-line with the overall ‘minimal’ theme, and a ‘no standing’ policy exists. Best to book ahead because, despite the difficulty in locating this hidden Bangkok bar, it seems that once found, you always return. 

Thailand's Best Bangkok bars kept secret but can be found. Thailand Event Guide
The Bangkok best bars kept secret but can be found. Thailand Event Guide

Q&A Bar, Bangkok Asoke

Q&A is one of these Bangkok bars with a vision that is very serious about its cocktails. Q&A offers a signature menu of classic drinks, with a bespoke option also available after a good chat with your expert bartender. The venue successfully takes on a 1920’s theme and is modelled on an old American railway carriage. The place expertly executes the desired theme into detail, yet the music doesn’t quite match up and is often a collection of an old house and upbeat funk. The staff serves a wonderland of imported spirits and cocktail ingredients. 

Mixology here is creative and technical. They consistently demonstrate the level of expertise that sets Q&A apart from other Bangkok cocktail bars. The ambience and atmosphere are friendly, and the whole venue feels like a secret hideaway for those in Bangkok who know their taste. Bit of advice though, it might be worth checking the lengthy rule list on the Q&A website before rocking up in jeans, ordering a Pepsi and looking to find a seat.

#FindThePhotoBoothBangkok, Nana

Located on the 2nd floor of the Grand President Hotel in Nana, visitors must locate a photo booth to gain entry to this secret Bangkok bar. It is simple; find the photo machine, take a photo, work out how to open the door and access granted. You can enter the place. You first find yourself in a makeshift dark-room which soon leads you to the final main entrance. Bringing an air of elegance to the party-centred Soi 11, the unnamed bar is sophisticated, boasting an artistically lit bar amongst large leather sofas and comfortable seating areas. With most of the speakeasies in Bangkok taking on an international vibe, it is nice to see #FindThePhotoBoothBangkok retaining a large element of ‘Thai-ness’; showcasing a double menu of classic cocktails or interesting ‘Thai Twists’ with classic ingredients. Service is personable and knowledgeable, and the mix between signature classics and innovative Thai ingredients is a refreshing addition to the Bangkok drinking scene.

Bangkok bars: Cocktails, Rum, Questions and Answers at the Seven Best Bars in Bangkok, Thailand Event Guide
Cocktails, Rum, Questions and Answers at the Seven Best Bars in Bangkok, Thailand Event Guide

Havana Social, Bangkok, Nana

Havana Social isn’t so much of a secret anymore, but it would seem a shame to leave the often-regarded original speakeasy off the best bars in Bangkok list. The bar is now widely-known around Bangkok as one of the true innovators on the hidden bar scene. Tucked away behind a fake photo booth, Havana Social is located on the busy Soi 11 by Nana BTS. A classic Bangkok secret bar, there is no sign, no directions and secret code is needed to gain access. If the name doesn’t give it away, the bar takes on a Cuban theme. Havana Rum heavily dictates the cocktail menu. Sophisticated, chic and bursting with character, the bar is run by Soho Hospitality who are also responsible for the ever-popular Above Eleven roof bar. In true Cuban style. Find inside vintage sofas, retro artwork and an authentic Cuban cigar lounge on the second floor. The popularity aspect has removed a slight bit of charm from Havana Social but as bars and drink quality go; it remains a strong contender in the Bangkok bar scene.

TEP Bar, Bangkok Yaowarat

TEP Bar trades in the glamour and chic stereotypes of the commercial Bangkok Speakeasies, opting instead for a fresh and subtle approach to intimate drinking. Hidden away in a dark Chinatown shophouse, TEP Bar Bangkok takes on a slightly modern approach and retains classic Thai stylings with delicate design, Thai music and cheap, delicious snacks. Still flaunting a creative cocktail menu, this hip venue with regular live music was the recipient of ‘Restaurant/Bar Award’ winner at the coveted BAR awards 2019. As the hidden bar trend in Thailand consistently grows, TEP retains a strong following which makes booking ahead advisable. This Chinatown bar is simple yet full of charm; it has excellent cocktails, great music, great food and always houses a great crowd. An attractive option for any Bangkok bar lover with a liking for classic Thai heritage.

Rabbit Hole, Bangkok Thonglor

An award-winning Bangkok speakeasy, Rabbit Hole boasts world-famous mixologists who have curated an incredible cocktail menu bursting with innovation and infusion. Found in a three-story shophouse and lacking any signage, Rabbit Hole is a severe drinking venue with an incredibly impressive spirit shelf. A drinker’s haven, expect Japanese whiskies, imported gins and a wonderland of expertly-created cocktail recipes. The bar is Bangkok famous and draws in an energetic crowd of locals, fashionable students and serious drinkers. The interiors are vintage and flamboyant, but the featured dim-lighting retains the air of mystery that brings the Rabbit Hole so much charm. The venue masterfully blends industrial fittings with luxurious furniture, and everything here feels unique, tasteful and exciting. Old Chinese medicine cabinets dominate the place, and various seating areas are available for couples and small/large groups. Cocktail menus are available that masterfully reinvent classic cocktails and utilize premium spirits and champagnes; however, with such knowledgeable and creative staff, bespoke drinks are also available upon request.

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