Donald Sutherland Donostia Award

The widely acclaimed Canadian Actor Donald Sutherland will receive a lifetime achievement award in Spain.

Spain’s San Sebastian film festival organisers announced on Monday. The Actor played in films such as “M*A*S*H” and The Hunger Games series.

Sutherland is 84-year-old. The organisers will award the Actor with the Donostia Award. The Award recognises more than fifty years of excellent performances on September 26.



Donald Sutherland Captured Viewers Worldwide

Donald Sutherland is an excellent talent when embodying dozens of characters. He played movies with no regard for the genre, whether it is drama to war movies, thrillers, horror and science fiction that has brought viewers closer to the screen.

The Actor received an Honorary Academy Award for his acting career in 2017.

One of his early roles was in “M*A*S*H”, set during the Korea War. Sutherland played an army surgeon in Robert Altman’s 1970 black comedy.


Donald Sutherland, Canadian Actor wins lifetime achievement award. Thailand Event Guide

Canadian actor Donald Sutherland wins a lifetime achievement award at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain. Thailand Event Guide


Sutherland as President Snow

Younger viewers know him four decades better as President Snow in the Hunger Games, a blockbuster franchise which captured attention.

He also has played and starred in the 1973 “Don’t Look Now” and Oliver Stone’s biopic 1991 “JFK”. He worked with the famous Italian directors Bernardo Bertolucci (“1900”) and Federico Fellini (“Casanova”).

Sutherland plays in his latest film with Mick Jagger in “The Burnt Orange Heresy”. Other projects include “The Undoing”, a television series, in which he plays alongside Nicole Kidman.

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