Comedy Bangkok: Ticket to Laughing

Comedy Bangkok has a sense of humour about life is sometimes the only way to traverse through time and space without having a seizure. Not taking oneself too seriously is a much-underrated way of processing the world and dealing with the hardships that everyone deals with from time to time. Stand-up comedy is one such way to turn life’s absurdities into a positive thing, so if you like to have a laugh, or want to actively get involved, there are a few comedy events and venues that will take the edge off life and put everything into perspective.


Comedy Bangkok Ticket for a Laugh


The comedy scene is surprisingly deep, and with so many foreign expats and holidaymakers in Bangkok, it only makes sense that English-speaking stand-up comedy is alive and well in Bangkok. Although Bangkok doesn’t have many venues that are dedicated to comedy, there are a few and also some comedy collectives that showcase their performances across a wide choice of Bangkok events venues.


Laughing Guaranteed at its Best


Whether you love stand-up comedy, comedy improvs or even comedy workshops that will give you a crash course into becoming a stand-up comedian, The Comedy Club Bangkok is the place to be. This purpose-built comedy club has already hosted international comedy legends such as Eddie Izzard, Jimmy Carr and many more famous comedians from America, the United Kingdom, Canada and beyond.


There are live shows every Friday at the venue that is a mix of stand-up and improvising performances that offer the ultimate place to unwind and laugh the evening away. With ticket prices that are always great value for money, there is no excuse not to visit the Comedy Club Bangkok when you need a little lift from the pressures of life.


They offer some amazing workshops that will give you a beginner’s guide to becoming a stand-up comedian, and the best part is that the workshops are only for 3 hours and cost as little as 1,000 THB per person.


Comedy Collectives in Bangkok


The Bangkok Hilarious Comedy Club is one of the longest-running collectives in Bangkok that organizes events with a laugh for both local and international artists in a number of different locations throughout the city.


As the longest-running English-speaking group in Bangkok, one of their main goals is to make Bangkok a true hub in Asia with a laugh, and their work over the past few years has definitely started to make this a reality. To find out the next events and on-goings of the Bangkok Hilarious Comedy Club.


If you live in here and are already a fledgeling stand-up, the Bangkok Hilarious Comedy Club is a great place to meet likeminded souls, meeting on a regular basis to exchange ideas and to organize future shows, so if you want to become a part of this scene, get in contact with Bangkok Hilarious.


Over the years, collectives in Bangkok have come and gone, depending on the interest and numbers interested in this stand-up art form. The Comedy Club and other venues throughout the city offer ‘open mic’ nights for budding stand-up comedians to show their mettle and to test their material on local aficionados. If you are thinking of a career in stand-up, these open mic nights represent a great place to gain experience and to also gain valuable advice from those who have been there and done it all before. Just remember to keep laughing!


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