Eurovision Contest 2019: Duncan Laurence Wins

Duncan Laurence graciously claims the top spot for The Netherlands, in their first Eurovision win since 1975. With a victorious grand total of 492 points, The Netherlands have taken the 2019 Eurovision crown at the 64th ceremony in Tel Aviv. Duncan Laurence and his song ‘Arcade’ stormed into first place at last night’s Eurovision contest, with Italy and Russia claiming second and third place.



Duncan Laurence: The 5th Eurovision Win for The Netherlands


The 2019 Eurovision contest has brought The Netherlands their 5th overall win, a victory last secured back in 1975 by ‘Teach-In’ with their song ‘Ding-a-dong’. Spijkenisse-born Duncan Laurence had been the bookmakers favourite for first-place and achieved a winning 492 points in the final public vote at the May 18th ceremony. Italy took second place with 465 points, and Russia came third, boasting a reasonable 365. The United Kingdom found themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard, with their entrant Michael Rice gaining just 3 points in the public vote, and 16 overall.

Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands wins Eurovision 2019 

Duncan Laurence: Singer, Songwriter, Producer and LGBT Supporter


Duncan Laurence is a 25-year-old singer/songwriter and former ‘Voice of Holland’ contestant graduated from the Rock Academy in Tilburg in 2017. Born in Spijkenisse, he has established himself as a writer, producer and singer, working between London, Stockholm and The Netherlands. Popular within the LGBT community, Laurence identifies as bisexual and shared a heartwarming message during his acceptance speech. He voiced a plea for tolerance following his win, urging audiences and viewers to ‘accept people for who they are’, regardless of gender or sexuality. The singer has been praised for his entry, a song which lacked standard ‘flashy’ stage arrangements and pyrotechnics, opting instead for a well-crafted and emotive piano ballad. The single ‘Arcade’ delivered his nation the winning title, automatically placing The Netherlands as the host of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest next year.

Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands wins Eurovision 2019. Thailand Event Guide



Duncan Laurence: Highly Anticipated Performance from American Superstar Madonna


The 2019 Eurovision Contest took place in Tel Aviv, Israel. The guest segment brought a glamorous performance by US Superstar Madonna, who gained political attention for featuring dancers wearing both Palestinian and Israeli flags. The female superstar kicked off her highly-anticipated appearance with her massive hit “Like A Prayer” before showcasing her new single, “Future,” featuring rapper Quavo. Other highlights included Iceland’s entry; a daring performance that featured PVC outfits, screaming vocals and spectacular fireworks. Denmark made an active attempt to connect with viewers as their representative Leonora, a 20-year-old award-winning figure skater, impressively sang “Love is Forever” in French, English, Danish and German.

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