Luxury Space Hotel Opens in 2021

A Luxury Space Hotel Will open and you have got three years to save $10,000,000 to holiday here!

Thailand is a prime-international holiday destination, and with one search of the #Thailand hashtag on Instagram, stunning photographs of the most glorious sunsets in the world inundates you. But what if there was a holiday destination where you could see SIXTEEN sunrises in one day from your space hotel?


While floating around, enjoying zero-gravity and looking down on planet Earth, all from the comfort of your hotel in SPACE? Well if you have a spare 10 million dollars, in 2022 you can!


Move from a Thailand hotel into a space hotel. Thailand Event Guide

Move from a Thailand hotel into a space hotel. Thailand Event Guide


A Luxury Space Hotel


American tech company Orion Span is the brain behind Aurora Station, planned to be the world’s first luxury space hotel. The company team are made up of space industry veterans and collectively together, have around 140 years of human to space experience. The hotel is named after the light phenomenon that describes the illumination of Earths polar skies and will give you prime window views of the northern and southern auroras. Aurora Station hotel will be found orbiting 200 miles around the Earth’s surface in 2021 and be an experience like no other to exist in the current universe.


The exclusive hotel will have a six-person capacity, two of these absorbed by qualified Aurora space crew. Space hotel guests will experience a truly authentic and once-in-a-lifetime astronaut adventure and a journey that lasts up to 12 days. The Aurora Station will be similar in size to a private jet, measuring 35 feet long and 12 feet wide. This incredible design comfort station comes with individual sleep pods, luxurious interiors and the highest quality space food available. While enjoying the zero-gravity thrills of space, travellers will be free to float with freedom around the luxury hotel, finished off with uninterrupted window views of space-sourced light phenomena.


Orion is confident they are launching the new era of space travel and are raising the bar when it comes to accessible facilities. The price for the trip costs $9.5 million per person and deposits are now being taken for this out-of-this-world experience. The luxury space hotel is set to launch in 2021, and despite a seemingly small demographic, Orion takes deposits for $80k per person to reserve spaces. In another futuristic element, you can also pay with cryptocurrency as another deposit form. Bitcoin investments at the ready!


Space Hotel is only two years away. Thailand Event Guide

Space Hotel is only two years away. Thailand Event Guide


An Authentic Space Hotel Experience


A $10M holiday seems a bit extreme for some, but Orion Span promises their luxury space hotel will provide guests with a genuine and credible astronaut experience. They have faith that they have successfully crammed a 24-month training regime into three months, that will successfully prepare guests for their space station visit. Compared to a certified NASA or astronaut educational program, Orion Span assures guests this is a mighty fraction of standard cost. The first phase of the certification program is completed online which makes the mission of space travel even more relaxed, apparently. Guests will then head to a physical training camp in Houston, Texas, at Orion’s state-of-the-art space training facility. Once certified and on-board the spacecraft, guests can partake in certain astronaut activities such as growing food and observing their hometown with views above the earth.


Share Your Space Hotel and Photos from Earth to Facebook


High-speed and wireless internet access is available at the luxury hotel and spacecraft, perfect for when you want to check-in to Space through Facebook, or casually throw a moon selfie onto Instagram. Guests are also free to Facetime and video-chat friends, loved ones and others who are not so fortunate to be orbiting planet Earth with them. For those who get bored of anti-gravity backflips and looking out of the window for some stargazing, there is also zero-gravity ping pong available if you feel that way inclined. Orion Span has big plans that entirely exceed this space hotel and are currently organising full chartered trips for space agencies. They are committed to supporting zero gravity research and assisting in potential future markets of space manufacturing industries. They feel the luxury space hotel is the first of an empire and that their architecture is easily open for further capacity. For those Thailand condo hunters, Orion’s next mission is a fleet of space condominiums, whatever next!

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