Rosewood Hotel to Expand to Bangkok

The well-loved ‘Rosewood Hotel & Resort’ in Phuket is opening a sister hotel on Ploenchit Road, Bangkok. The hotel will be the latest addition to the growing collection of luxury hotel suites in Bangkok and features interior design from Celia Chu. The new Rosewood residence is committed to showcasing the vibrancy and diversity that thrives in Bangkok and are asking the public to help them do it.


Rosewood Bangkok is the newest hotel treasure in Bangkok, Thailand Event Guide

Rosewood Bangkok is the newest hotel treasure in Bangkok, Thailand Event Guide


Rosewood Architecture in Celebration of the Thai Wai

The Rosewood building takes inspiration from the Thai ‘Wai’, a greeting that consists of a small bow with joined hands. The historic custom is often paired with a Thai salutation and is a well-known mark of respect throughout Thailand. The Rosewood Bangkok is already an architectural marvel and a visual appreciation of gracious Thai customs and celebrated cultures. The hotel has also managed to incorporate Thai expressions through interior design elements completed by Celia Chu. Large and creative water features will be a common feature at Bangkok’s newest luxury hotel, a tribute to the status of a city that stands upon the water.


Rosewood Contemporary Residence in the CBD


The property will be a new gateway into South East Asia for the Rosewood, and the Bangkok residence is situated in the heart of the central business district. The hotel’s prime location can be found amongst a thriving hub of transport links, retail complexes and several embassies. Although in the central area of the Thai capital, the hotel will retain the signature contemporary stylings that The Rosewood is known for. The brand’s philosophy is built on a residential feel and hopes for guests to feel welcomed with a level of service and comfort found within a private home. The grand hotel will feature exclusive and intimate ambience, with security and peaceful tranquillity sourced within the centre of a bustling city. The hotel will drive their philosophy further by employing a team dedicated to providing the famously-warm Thai hospitality. The new Rosewood residence is committed to delivering a concept portal into the captivating features of Bangkok, showcasing and celebrating fascinating elements the city is known for. They will illustrate the beauty of Bangkok through a diverse selection of images and artwork and are inviting guests and lovers of the Thai capital to help them do it…


Rosewood Hotel opens in Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide

Rosewood Hotel opens in Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide


Rosewood ‘s Interactive Invitation to Share Love for Bangkok


Up until May 31st 2019, the Rosewood is launching a wonderfully interactive campaign that will truly ignite and spread a public passion for Bangkok. The hotel has started a social media project that invites people to join their #WaiBangkok campaign, through the sharing of contemporary images that capture the reasons they admire Bangkok. The exciting campaign will also showcase a beautiful photography selection by Rockkhound and Scott Woodwood; photographers whose images regularly grace international news and travel publications such as the NY Times and National Geographic. Those looking to participate in the #WaiBangkok project are invited to post their own creative and compelling photographs of Bangkok to their Facebook and Instagram pages. Be sure all images are partnered with the #WaiBangkok hashtag, or that the official @RosewoodBangkok social media accounts are tagged on your photos. The lucky winner of the #WaiBangkok campaign will be the incredibly lucky recipient of a 100,00THB spend at the hotel following the grand opening.


Bangkok overs, get tagging!

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