Orient Express Hotel Opens Bangkok 2019

Accor Hotels has announced to relaunch the historic Oriental Express Hotel brand with the opening of the first Orient Express Hotel at the Kingpower Mahanakhon skyscraper in Bangkok.


The Orient Express hotel and Mahanakhon Building names are back in the Bangkok news with Accor Hotels’ announcement and their plans for relaunching the historic Orient Express hotel brand in 2019 with the first hotel top open right in the heart of Bangkok city. Mahanakhon Tower was all over the headlines just last month following the grand opening of the Bangkok Skywalk. Kingpower Mahanakhon Skywalk is Bangkok’s tallest observation deck and sky bar.


With Thailand continually reinventing itself and elevating annually as a world-class travel destination, the iconic Mahanakhon building makes a perfect home for the premier hotel plans. The King Power Mahanakhon Tower has been praised for its architectural innovation in Bangkok and cultural importance through being at 314 metres high, the tallest building in Bangkok city. The large skyscraper building boasts 78 floors and is also known as “Pixel Tower” due to its unusual yet eye-catching appearance. The building is surrounded by other hotels, residences and transport options through its prime location in Bangkok’s bustling central business district.

Orient Express Hotel Mahanakhon Bangkok

Accor has announced to bring back the luxury Orient Express Hotel brand. Thailand Event Guide


Orient Express Hotel for Luxury Travel and Exquisite Accommodations


The Orient Express is a permanent fixture in both history and the mind, a brand instantly conjuring up images of train-based grandeur. The legendary transport paints pictures of luxurious travel, exquisite accommodations and an instant passport to the rest of the world, all within the stunning signature surroundings.


Accor Hotels acquired the Orient Express hotel brand and hopes for it to be thorough yet respectfully reinvented, all through a series of prestigious hotels that depict the traditional, adventurous and fine craftsmanship that is deeply rooted in the Orient Express brand.


Orient Express Hotel Combines Best Practices


The Orient Express Hotel Mahanakhon Bangkok will bring together the best names in the architectural, design and hospitality fields to reinterpret the art of luxury travel and accommodation.



French art-deco stylist Tristan Auer has been granted the task of adapting the stunning styling and plant motifs of the original Orient Express carriages, into a contemporary building in the heart of the Bangkok metropolis. Auer hopes to perfectly encapsulate the signature styling of the historic trains and transfer the same level of luxury and refinement to the reinvention of the Orient Express brand. The Orient Express trains gained notoriety for boasting the highest standards of fine craftsmanship, exploring modern innovations and providing excellent, exquisite dining experiences.


In 2014, the Luxury hotel brand had to be renamed to Belmond due to complications over brand ownership. SNFC who held the full rights hinted to later wanting to use the brand themselves also for a luxury hotel chain. Accor Hotels and SNCF Group both signed a strategic partnership in 2017 that would reinvent and develop Orient Express hotels as a collective. Both parties are excited for the project and share the same commitments to preserving and respectfully promoting the rich heritage that is connected to the legendary OE brand.


Orient Express is a historic almost legendary primature brand that has defined luxury. Thailand Event Guide

Orient Express is a historic almost legendary premature brand that has defined luxury. Thailand Event Guide


Orient Express Hotel Mahanakhon Bangkok


The Orient Express Hotel Mahanahokorn Bangkok has plans that will feature 154 luxurious rooms, nine premier suites and two incredible penthouses. A whole floor will be devoted to health and wellness with an outdoor pool and Jacuzzi planned alongside a signature Guerlain Orient Spa.


The property has confirmed it offers two signature restaurants; Mott 32 that can be found on Level 2 and Mahanathi by David Thompson on Level 5. The tower already enjoys a rooftop restaurant and stunning Sky bar that can be reached on Level 76.


The relaunch of Orient-Express hotel at Kingpower Mahanakhon building will replace the widely rumored halted plans of The Bangkok Edition Hotel which was scheduled to open in 2017 before plans were scrapped early last year. The Orient Express Hotel Mahanakhon Bangkok is now set to launch in the final quarter of 2019.

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