Hardwell Stops Indefinitely

Hardwell, who was twice voted the best DJ in the world by the leading DJ Mag, stops for the time being. The 30-year-old Dutch DJ finds the pressure of his current tour schedule too high, he writes on Facebook:

DJ Hardwell Takes A Respectful Decision


“There is still so much I want to share with family and friends, there are still so many ways I want to go, but by always being Hardwell there is not enough energy, love, creativity and attention left for my life as a “common person”, according to the DJ, who is actually called Robbert van de Corput.


“That’s why I decided to empty my agenda for the time being so that I do not have to take into account countless interviews, deadlines, and release dates, I always have to deal with the pressure that comes with this career. It has just become too much, and it felt like a non-stopping ride on a roller coaster. “



DJ Hardwell Will Perform at Amsterdam Dance Event 


Hardwell gives the final appearance on October 18th at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

Hardwell wants time for himself again, do the things that he loves, but most importantly being able to look at his life and the things that have happened in recent years, he writes. “That means that my tour schedule yesterday ended with a bang in Ibiza.”


The DJ is giving his last performance for the time being on 18 October in the Ziggo Dome during the Amsterdam Dance Event. “I will keep making music, and I always will stay in touch with my fans.”


Hardwell bye bye for now, we will miss you according to fans. Thailand Event Guide

Hardwell bye bye, for now, we will miss you according to fans. Thailand Event Guide

DJ Hardwell Burned Out, TimeOut, but Not Goodbye


Hardwell already suffered from burnout at the end of 2012; he shared publicly a few years ago. “I could hardly believe it, I was only 25 years old, but I felt drained. I spent weeks sleeping and hanging on the couch, I did not answer my phone anymore, Depressed is too big a word, but I was down, I would not say I liked anything at all. “

According to the manager of the DJ, it was his own decision, which was possibly influenced by the death of his colleague Avicii. “I think that the death of Avicii has triggered something, thinking of yes, I also have to choose for myself,” the manager shared, stressing that it is a timeout and not a final farewell. “See it as a sabbatical period to take a step back and look back instead of ahead.”


Hardwell Faces Troubles With Fame


Avicii died unexpectedly in April this year. According to the DJ’s family, he could “no longer continue”. He had trouble with the pressure that accompanied his fame, something that Hardwell also experiences.


The decision of the DJ was not impulsive. There were several rumours that Hardwell would have had an outburst of rage during his set in Ibiza, but is not true.


According to his manager; “I was present at the event and saw it with my own eyes, he asked partygoers to dance from left to right and whoever did not want to join in, had to leave, then he started the music again, and he ended his entire set, as we are always doing.”


Absolute respect to make a decision like this, is the common response to DJ Hardwell from Top 100 DJ's. Thailand Event Guide

Absolute respect to make a decision like this, is the common response to DJ Hardwell from Top 100 DJ’s. Thailand Event Guide

Hardwell was twice named best DJ in the world.


Hardwell became known in 2011 when he released the number Zero 76 with Tiësto. In 2013 he started his first world tour, after which he was named the world’s best DJ by the leading DJ Mag. In 2014 he received this honorary title again. In 2015 Hardwell started his second world tour, United We Are.


Hardwell’s decision to stop touring might trigger other leading Top 100 DJ’s in the future also. Most DJ’s, including Armin van Buuren, Tiesto and Afrojack respond to Hardwell’s decision with respect.


Top 100 DJ’s Responses to Hardwell


Word’s best DJ’s respond differently but with one similar message which is “Take Care of Yourself First”. Tom Newson responds; “So much respect for his decision. We all know the extreme pressure”, which DJ Dannic shares.


DJ Sam Feldt responds “Life can feel like a race. You are only competing against yourself. Afrojack encourages Hardwell with his caring words: “I Love You, Brother”. Do always what your heart tells you to do. Congrats with your decision.” Sometimes you must take a step back to do three forward, writes Armin van Buuren, who performed with Hardwell several times.


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