This is True Catering With Creative Purpose

Catering can be a hassle, but not anymore. Whether you are looking to organise a work dinner, a company celebration, or a formal corporate event, food can be a big issue and something that will play a massive part in the success of your event. Planning your event doesn’t need to be stressful at all, there are so many Bangkok catering companies to choose from, the biggest dilemma is knowing which one to pick.


With all that choice in mind, you can afford to be picky and organise something extraordinary. Not only are there a lot of great Bangkok companies, but there are also some very creative and alternative options. So why not bring your event to life with food that not just fill bellies but will also impress and inspire your guests.


Here are five alternative and creative Bangkok companies everyone would love:


Five Alternative Catering Companies up for a taste

Five Alternative Bangkok Catering Companies. Thailand Event Guide


Creative: Yellow Spoon Pastry


Yellow Spoon Pastry is an excellent example of a fun and creative Bangkok company. Specializing in Western cuisine, they take traditional European and American dishes (such as pasta, pies, and sandwiches), and bring them to life with lots of colourful character and inventiveness.


Everything is entirely original and homemade, with lots of organic ingredients and no added preservatives. They are also pretty cheap with lunches starting under 100 Baht per person (min. 50 people), and they can create unique dishes to fit your brand and event theme.


Delicious desserts at these alternative catering companies. Thailand Event Guide

Five alternative catering companies that you can’t miss. Thailand Event Guide


Top-Rated Catering: Artwins Bistro


Artwins Bistro was already a top-rated cooking school, and it has now expanded its services to include event catering. They have a menu of Western dishes with some Asian fusion thrown in, and they offer to cater to a set theme of your choice; using their vivid imagination and culinary expertise to create some fantastic buffets and set meals.

Artwins Bistro has also created a restaurant specialising with a brunch menu. Based on it’s already established reputation we are pretty sure this will soon be one of the best Bangkok companies.


Inventive Catering: Happen Catering


The somewhat bizarre name gives you a good hint at just how exciting and inventive Happen Catering is. Again, this is one of the Bangkok catering companies specialising in Western food, but with lots of unique twists and surprised. They also specialise in Art and Fashion events.

Isara Vitavathanagom created Happen Catering, a product of the esteemed International Culinary Center in New York.


When you need catering, these are the ones. Thailand Event Guide

The Five Best Alternative Companies you would like for your catering. Thailand Event Guide


What’s great about this Bangkok company is how far they can go for you, also able to organising cooking classes, professional food photography, themed cocktail creations, and even lend you a food columnist. If you want to create something wildly ambitious, these are the guys to help you get it done.


Purpose Catering: Helping Hands Bangkok


Helping Hands is one of the most ethical and heartwarming Bangkok catering companies. A group of business women who wanted to inject some much-needed love and opportunities into one of Bangkok’s worst slums started this charity/ neighbourhood co-op.


It has been a total success. With several food-related projects doing exceptionally well, their new project allows them to showcase some fantastic food and creative menus. You won’t be disappointed.