Ari, Bangkok Guide And Tips


Ari Bangkok is growing in popularity as a great spot for locals and tourists to visit. Ari Bangkok is easy to reach with the BTS and is at the north side of Victory monument.

Ari, Bangkok The Creative Melting Pot

When you arrive in Ari, you’ll be able to see the local-favourite La Villa and the always busy Phaholyothin road.

You can come here for some hipster-infused fun or some tranquillity depending on where your inner wind blows, as the cafés, restaurants and shops are fun to browse through.Ari is great after your visit to the Chatuchak market on the weekend. It is easy from there to get there and sniff in the shops or hang out in the cafes. Aree has a lot of delicious street food, walk around shopping as well as local art exhibitions. It’s the perfect melting pot where creativity and the hip meets art. It is also a place to stimulate your mind and maybe receive new ideas. You can also find there cheaper options for high fashion clothing.

Restaurant Salt in Ari District in Bangkok where they serve fusion food. Thailand Event Guide

Ari Bangkok is constantly growing under youngsters and travellers. Thailand Event Guide

Ari, Bangkok Fusion, Street and Thai Food

When you are in the search for food, enter the door of “Salt” restaurant which serves a fusion of Japanese and Italian food in an open-air setting. There’s even a restaurant called “Rock” which lists Asian fusion dishes, styled with unique ingredients that the owner finds and brings back from his travels across Thailand. For lovers of Khao Soi, the Ong Tong noodle shop have opened a delicious place to experience some fantastic authentic Khao Soi and noodles. Sophistication embraces authenticity in Ari with so many local Thai restaurants at hidden corners to choose from and to still your hunger.

Ari, Bangkok Coconut Ice-cream and Coffee Really

For a great cup of coffee, head over to Goodcery Café and have a seat at one of Aree’s healthiest restaurants and bistros. You can get some great grub here, and enjoy their brewed coffees and other beverages. Have you heard about “One Dee”? The place has some interesting food and dessert choices on the menu to pamper yourself, but the real focus is all about desserts especially the Thai-inspired coconut ice-cream that is worth the try.

What is cool is that many places are serving delicacy turn late night into cool after-dark meeting points. “Salt’s” for example, the restaurant that we mentioned earlier, changes its outdoor area in a lounge where you can relax and have a chilling time. Summer Street welcomes a unique must-see type of crowd at night., but also lesser-known spots like Bar Aree which is artsier embrace a group that’s Asian hip and edgy.

Ari, Bangkok Mix of Old and Modern Tradition

The area has a great mix of old houses, new apartment complexes and “historic” houses with gardens. It’s interesting walking down Ari’s streets and notice the different buildings there. You might have a chance to bump into Ari-interested travellers from around the world there. If you ask any tourist about Aree, he might say that Ari is chill.

For people who choose to stay overnight, the Yard Hostel or one of the AirBNB available might be your choice. Nice to stay overnight and breathe in the neighbourhood and its people. There is a beer café nearby where you can sit down, enjoy a cold beer and just let the world pass by while hanging out with others near the bonfire. Ari is perfect not only for locals but also for solo-travellers who love to jump in some social shit. Ari owns the young and the old. With old aesthetics and youthful vibrancy, It is a pretty unique area in busy Bangkok. Have you seen Ari, Bangkok and like to discover something else? Here some extra local tips and ideas.

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  • Love - 63
  • Price - 67
  • Experience - 68
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