Eminem Released Revival Music

Eminem released the new Revival music album several days ago. The announcement came when doctor Dre prescribes the Revival medicine on Instagram as part of the fake news. Watch the announcement. The album was released on 15 December 2017.

It seems that the early hardcore fans have given up on Eminem, and doubt where he is going, while new fans embrace the global rapper ‘s chosen direction. It appears that the way to announce was a bit hilarious and not well-thought and that resulted in somewhat low view rates. Time of a possible album success will tell, but it seems that the fans have derailed with the artist and his new album Revival.

Eminem on stage. Thailand Event Guide

Rapper Eminem. Thailand Event Guide

Revival is the first album after four years. Marshall Matters LP2 came out in 2013. The Rapper Eminem is 45 years old.

One of the best songs on this new album is “Walk On Water”. For this song, he duets the best paid woman in 2017, Beyonce. Her voice is giving the thrills. The rapper fills the gaps with search, anger and frustration.

He is currently planning his 2018-tour. We will keep you updated on the process.