Thailand Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR – Examples

Thailand Event Guide: Fewer countries can boast such a diverse range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as Thailand. Giving your brand the purpose and giving back to the less fortunate is a thrilling experience for your team members.

Thailand is a great example of successful implementation of corporate social responsibility. Regular businesses allocate budget and schedule CSR activities throughout the year. Do you plan a CSR activity? We have listed some Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Examples.

Thailand’s manifold of destinations goes hand in hand with the increasingly popular trend of giving back to communities or environment through CSR. Honorific and extremely gratifying, CSR is a truly feel-good and rewarding experience. Not only will your company be benefiting the less fortunate, you will broaden staff horizons sharing the basic principals of giving back to those who need the most.

Government Hospitals and community buildings always need volunteers who newly paint, decorate or refurbish public spaces. Although the work is tough in many ways, you will find few tasks in life more rewarding.

A slightly more challenging option is to consider working with Thailand’s uneducated street children. With over 30,000 street children currently dependent/living on the streets of Thailand, it is essential that your business steps in with the right resources and mentors and steers these children in the right direction.

Thailand has no shortage of orphanages who are also in need of assistance. After the atrocity of the 2004 Tsunami, this number rose to an alarming level. Many businesses and individuals stepped in and supported them financially and provided the manpower to rebuild schools and community centres.

You might have animal lovers in your organisation. Work through a CSR program with an animal organisation and offer your animal lovers a chance to work with animals of all shapes and sizes. In the bustling streets of Bangkok, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to work and increase the quality of lives with these hungry street dogs and activate a valuable passion.

Thailand counts numerous non-profit organisations of all sizes who are looking for your assistance. Donating products is a great way, but CSR can achieve success on all levels within the organisation and in the hearts of people.

Save the Children, Operation Smile, Make-A-Wish Foundation or any other locally based non-profit organisation offers many different ways to donate your time; your top level executive who can strategically assist. The senior manager who can help with marketing, finance, staffing and operation management or the dedicated volunteer with operational tasks.

Non-profit Organisations need funding. Commercial organisations will look for ways that increase sales. Find the right non-profit will surprisingly achieve new results. How? A bag producer puts a non-profit branded bag for sale on revenues sharing basis. A hotel might sell a special cocktail or menu with revenue sharing for the non-profit. The other way around non-profit organisation count loyal members. As a commercial organisation, you can connect in this way to new customers and serve all common goals at the same time.

Make sure that when you choose to implement CSR that your team is passionate about your CSR strategy, the non-profit and the final execution as success comes with their enthusiasm. Make sure everyone is involved and that it achieves your goals and for everyone the thrilling experience that it deserves.