5 Reasons That Bangkok Thailand LGBTQ is So Much Fun

The Bangkok LGBTQ scene is one of the Kingdom’s natural jewels. Although the Thailand LGBTQ is usually seen as developing for most gay people, it most certainly is, in some regards, it leads the pack in other ways. Many nations in the so-called ‘developed’ Western World still struggle with their attitudes towards the LGBTQ lifestyle. However, Thailand has a more accepting approach.


Bangkok is almost in the same breath as San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin regarding accepting LGBTQ lifestyles. Thailand is not perfect in this regard but is still light years ahead of some more ‘developed’ countries worldwide. Here are 5 reasons why the Bangkok LGBTQ scene is so great.

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The Bangkok LGBTQ scene is one of the best in the world

#1 – Thailand’s Approach to LGBTQ People and General Attitudes

I think most people already know Thailand’s attitude to the ‘third gender’ is way beyond many other countries in terms of acceptance. It’s not perfect, but you will see many transgender people openly going about their business in Thailand. You will see transgender people working in 7-Eleven and other standard workplaces, which is what you don’t often see in the West.


Because Thai people are generally Buddhists, they are more tolerant on the surface than Catholicism in the West upon the LGBTQ community and anything else that would seem fun. This fundamental difference in religion is the core of attitudes in many regards. This means that being gay in Thailand is less taboo. And even if certain Thai people had a problem with it, their Buddhist beliefs make them less confrontational. One black mark against Buddhism is that in 1989 it ruled that no gay man could be ordained as a monk. Although nothing is categorically certain in Thailand, the approach to the Bangkok LGBTQ lifestyle is laid back.


#2 – Thailand Has Many Famous Transgender and Gay People

The acceptance of LGBTQ lifestyles in Thailand is helped by the famous gay and transgender people and celebrities. Because the country has a more open-minded approach to sexuality, the LGBTQ community feel more at home in Thailand than in other nations.


You will see many LGBTQ people in numerous movies and Thai soap operas. It’s widespread to see gay and transgender characters, which does create social acceptance and normality. Because many of the most loved actors and celebrities in Thailand are from the LGBTQ community, it helps the scene grow where fewer people live in fear of being “different” to the “norm”.

Bangkok Gay LGBT Scene

The Bangkok gay scene is famous across the world

#3 – Legal Ramifications of Being Gay in Thailand

Thai society’s upper echelons and middle classes are generally quite prudish regarding sex. However, the legal age of consent for gay and lesbian couples is the same as heterosexual couples at 15 years old. And although there are no current legal rules for same-sex marriages, it is not uncommon to see same-sex ceremonies, and nobody even bats an eyelid. No laws encourage same-sex marriages, as we see in California and other parts of the world. But it’s not banned or restricted. It’s just not legally binding… at the moment!


#4 – Popular Destination for Bangkok LGBTQ Vacations

Because of the open attitudes in Bangkok and other places in Thailand towards the LGBTQ community, it has become a popular destination for LGBTQ vacations. Indeed, it is not uncommon in places such as Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket to see thriving gay communities and many LGBTQ couples from Western countries enjoying a judgment-free holiday. You will find many Bangkok LGBTQ areas around the Soi 2 and Soi 4 parts of Silom. You will also find other areas in Pattaya and Phuket dedicated to LGBTQ vacations, which nicely leads us to #5.

Bangkok LGBTQ Pride

The Bangkok Gay Pride Festival 2019

#5 – Growing Bangkok LGBTQ-Orientated Businesses

The surge in Bangkok LGBTQ tourism and vacations in places such as Bangkok has seen massive growth in gay and lesbian-orientated businesses. From saunas, massage establishments and guesthouses to nightclubs and restaurants and everything in between.


If you are an LGBTQ couple or single, Bangkok should be one of your first holiday destinations. You will be amazed by the openness and acceptance. As we say, it’s not perfect, but compared to other supposedly developed nations, Thailand is a great place for gay, lesbian and transgender people to visit. All genders are welcome.


If you want to know more about Bangkok LGBTQ vacations and across Thailand, we can help you to create the best LGBTQ holiday experience ever! Please click here to ask us any questions or enquire about anything concerning LGBTQ lifestyle choices and holidays in Thailand.