Asian Travel: Unique Places to Visit in Thailand

Help the Asian travel scene recover from the pandemic by finding some cool places to visit in Thailand. We do have everything on our doorstep. Sometimes we forget that Thailand is one of the most stunning and unique places in the world, untouched by Western colonization in the 1800s, which has kept Thailand truly authentic and intriguing.


Everyone knows about Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok, and the other major tourist destinations in the Kingdom. But there is so much more to the country than meets the eye. This blog is for the true adventurers among us who want off the beaten track attractions on the Asian travel scene. Here are some of the most interesting places you will find in Thailand.


Khao Luang Cave – Phetchaburi, Thailand – Asian Travel Delights

Thailand Holiday Attractions - Khao Luang Cave

Khao Luang Cave is an epic Asian travel destination you must see

One of the most stunning photo opportunities you will find in Thailand is a large cave that is home to a Buddhist Temple, named Khao Luang Cave in Phetchaburi. The cave is located on the outskirts of a small town just a few hour’s south-west of Bangkok in Phra Nakhorn Khiri Historic Park, Khao Luang. The cave is home to a cave chamber about 90ft below the ground, accessed via numerous openings in the rocks. These stunning limestone caves are decorated in awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites crafted by Mother Nature over tens of thousands of years. There are also more than 180 Buddha statues and images.


The most impressive images are the 12ft-high Buddha statue and the 16ft Reclining Buddha. Both of which were commissioned by the famous King Rama V. The cave represents not only an adventurer’s paradise but also has a special and spiritual feel. If you want to explore the best off the beaten track attractions in Thailand, Khao Luang Cave is a perfect choice. This is one of the crown jewels of the Asian travel scene in Thailand.


Khao Phing Kan – Phang Nga, Southern Thailand

Khao Phing Kan - Asian Travel

Khao Phing Kan is a popular tourist attraction in Phang Nga

The Phang Nga area of Southern Thailand is simply one of the most beautiful places on the planet, bar none! Khao Phing Kan is one of the islands, along with Ko Tapu, which is more famously known as ‘James Bond Island’. The name of which was inspired by ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ movie. When you see those stunning postcard style photos of limestone karsts jutting out of the serene blue waters of Phang Nga Bay, that is exactly where Khao Phing Kan is located.


This jaw-dropping island is Tropicana personified. Perfect for relaxation. The area is known as one of the best dive spots in the world with 26 species of reptiles, 24 species of fish, 14 species of shrimp, 15 species of crab, and 16 species of manta rays, sharks, and game fish. If you want to explore one of the most memorable sub-tropical places in the world, Khao Phing Kran will take your Asian travel experience to the next level!


Doi Inthanon Mountain – Chiang Mai – Asian Travel

If you are a true intrepid explorer, nowhere will tantalize the senses like Chiang Mai and its surrounding regions. The Doi Inthanon Mountain range is just a 45-minute drive outside Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. And is home to the tallest mountain peak in the country and elevated views that you will remember for a lifetime. Not only that, but the mountainside is home to a National Park, many hill-tribe villages, and Mae Ya Waterfall.


You can visit the peak of Doi Inthanon, which is 2,565m above sea-level. Here you will find the famous two Chedis that was constructed in honor of the 60th birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1987, and the 60th birthday anniversary of Queen Sirikit in 1992, respectively. From amazing flora and fauna to the lofty heights of the peak, make sure you bring a camera along. And don’t forget to bring a jumper because the climate can get quite chilly at the summit.


If you want a truly memorable Asian travel experience in Thailand, it’s good to explore unique attractions. Just make sure you bring along a camera to capture the experience.