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After some tourists found Koh Phangan, they celebrated with a couple of friends and drinks the beauty of the island under the full moon and the idea for a monthly returning full moon party was born. The early beginnings, the Full Moon Party celebrated Bob Marley, Bee Gees, Eric Clapton and the Scorpions who lead the music scene. With years passing by, the Full Moon Party has developed to be a monthly commercial attraction of travellers to Koh Phangan. The type of music played has changed from the softness to a headbanging massive crowd under the moon who enjoy the beats and various DJ’s of electronic dance music (EDM). Different arenas have been set at various locations to party the night at Backyard Club, Cactus Drop in and Outback, Paradise bungalows, Reggae House, Same-Same, Sunrise Beach Club, The Rock, Tommy Club and Zoom bar.

Sensation, the world’s most significant show event, is long-awaited but finally confirmed for Bangkok, Thailand. Be part of a new Sensation on 29 July at BITEC after being absent for four years.

Join in the celebration of Chonburi’s annual Buffalo Racing Festival. Races, pageants, and more rejoice the contributions of these gentle beasts. The water buffalo has been and still is an integral part of Thai agricultural life. Farmers all over Thailand rely on water buffalos. The Chonburi Buffalo Festival takes place on Tuesday 23 October 2018.