Sumiko Iwamuro, 82-Years Old DJ Rocks

Sumiko Iwamuro is someone to write about. We can’t ignore her. We thought that this story has enough news value to write about. Sometimes these most magnificent stories only once capture your eyeballs and to ignore it, is not the right thing to do.

Grandmother Sumiko Iwamuro on the Decks

Have you ever imagined your grandmother playing the decks mixing heavy techno in a fully packed club and where the audiences love it?

Video: TRT World

Sumiko Iwamuro: Your Coolest Grandma

This 82-years old usually works in the restaurant by day. At night, she transforms into a DJ and spins for the Tokyo crowd. She actually thought of doing something else instead of her daytime job. Every granny would probably choose to go to a nearby social elderly club or maybe decide to attend the neighborhood’s senior bridge club.

82-years old Sumiko Iwamuro entertains party crowds at night. Thailand Event Guide

82-years Japanese DJ Rocks the Crowd. Thailand Event Guide

Sumiko Iwamuro: Dumplings by Day. Parties by Night

No. Not this woman. After making dumplings in a kitchen, she chooses to continue and attend parties by night.

Your grandma probably tucks away at 4 PM for a quick afternoon nap, eat something and probably sleeps around 8 PM latest snoring in front of the TV.

For this 82-years Japanese old, Sumiko Iwamuro, it is just the beginning of the day. During nights she starts to empower party people with techno music.

DJ Lessons and Big Dreams

After her late husband passed away, Sumiko decided to take on DJ lessons at the local music school. Now she sounds at well-known Tokyo club Deca Bars in Tokyo’s Red Light District.

Haha, you can’t imagine your granny doing this, but hey come on, we live in 2018.

Sumiko has no plans of retiring and still as big dreams. One of her biggest goals is to take on the decks in New York.

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