Everything you should know about the highly anticipated Bangkok debut of Amber Bain AKA The Japanese House.


Already selling out venues in London and New York, September will bring the highly anticipated live in Bangkok show from The Japanese House. Fitting in perfectly with Bangkok’s love of surf pop and dreamy electronica, this is a must for fans of Pale Waves, 1975 and Fickle Friends.


Amber Bain AKA Japanese House. Thailand Event Guide

Japanese House at the new Lido in Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide


Amber Bain: Indie Pop at its Finest with a Dash of Kate Winslet?!

The Japanese House is the solo musical project of UK based Amber Bain. Expertly creating a beautiful combination of ambient electronica and indie dream-pop, Amber has built up an underground following under several pseudonyms. Settling on ‘The Japanese House’ back in 2015, Amber incorporates calming and cooling vocals into her musical craft, utilising several acoustic and electronic instruments. The Japanese House name was inspired by a family holiday to Devon where Amber broke the heart of a local girl, following a week-long disguise game where Amber Bain posed as a boy. Staying in a cottage owned by Kate Winslet, the holiday home was called the Japanese House and the base of influence and inspiration that would later go on to infuse her musical and androgynous style.


Amber Bain AKA Japanese House. Thailand Event Guide

Indie Pop at its Finest with a Dash of Kate Winslet?! Thailand Event Guide

Good at Falling Live with Amber Bain in Bangkok

Following a commitment to local live gigging, Amber was eventually signed by Dirty Hit Records. A double EP release followed soon after, and in 2015 she released a pair of EPs’ Pools to Bathe’ and ‘Clean’. Critically acclaimed and increasingly popular on online platforms, The Japanese House released the next single “Face Like Thunder” in 2016. Growing a strong fanbase for her unique sound, she embarked on a relentless touring schedule with the British band the 1975, travelling around North America and Europe, stopping off at a number of international festivals along the way. A collection of singles and EPs took Bain into 2019, where she released her highly-anticipated full-length studio album ‘Good at Falling’. The album was met with incredible reviews, particularly for the emotive openness of Bain’s lyricism.

Live in Bangkok at Bangkok’s New Cultural Hub

The Japanese House will play live in Bangkok on September 10th, 2019. Bangkok has enjoyed a catalogue of live appearances by many international acts and indie-electronica is making big waves in the city. Playing at ‘Lido Connect’, the former cinema is a hot new venue in Bangkok, used for a collection of creative and live-music based purposes. Organised by Live Nation, BEC-Tero x and ‘HAVE YOU HEARD’ events, you are invited to fall under the indie spell of The Japanese House this September.