International Thai Film Festival 201is a networking and screening event that’s overflowing with creativity and talent in beautiful Bangkok.


An incredible event is headed back to Bangkok, uniting an international array of individuals connected to art, film, animation and media entertainment. Striving to be one of the most significant film events in S.E Asia; the International Thai Film Festival is a celebration of talent, passion and artistic collaboration, all in the beautiful capital of Bangkok. Don’t miss this exciting screening event and expo, providing an incredible viewing platform and networking opportunity for everybody in attendance. 


International Thai Film Festival. Thailand Event Guide

International Thai Film Festival. Thailand Event Guide


A Celebration of Film Industry Talent in Bangkok


The returning ITFF successfully unites animation, movie, production and entertainment professionals on an international scale. The world-class event celebrates and awards the very best in artistic and production talent, recognizing efforts from emerging talent and established professionals. Contributing and working to enhance the film industry, ITFF provides and an incredible platform for all involved; providing an exceptional networking event and annual film screening opportunity. An absolute MUST for creatives and artists in Bangkok, don’t miss ITFF 2019 at SHOW DC. 



Feature Films, Awards Ceremony and Panel Talks at International Thai Film Festival



The 2019 International Thai Film Festival in Bangkok is globally recognized and an integral event on the calendar of industry professionals. Invites are open, non-exclusive and bring together content creators, students, enthusiasts, and seasoned experts and aspiring professionals. Presented in both Thai and English language, ITFF showcases the very best in Thai and International film artistry, as well as production talent. Filmmakers from all countries are encouraged to partake, submitting their works for award categories in Music Video, Feature Film, Shorts and Animation. Amongst the exciting screenings, ITFF guests can also look forward to panel-based discussions, integrated networking events and informative talks with special guests. The event brings excellent scope for distributing and gaining knowledge, making and maintaining connections and sharing a passion for film. A must for media and film fans in Thailand, ITFF is inviting you to work towards a shared goal of being one of the most significant film festivals in Asia. 


International Thai Film Festival: Awarding Creativity in an Array of Categories



The International Thai Film Festival also hosts an annual competition for those looking to gain further recognition and compete for awards. Open to any nationality, a judging panel is present and made up of established professionals on an international scale, all sharing a collective wealth of knowledge and experience. All genres are encouraged for submission, and all levels of expertise are welcome for entry. 


The talent at the ITFF contest is recognized through storytelling and budgets are ignored; entrants are instead encouraged to inflict strong feelings through the means of film. ITFF is a fascinating event and one not to be missed by local and international filmmakers and enthusiasts.

Head to for further information and instructions on competition submissions. 


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